Picture this in your yard…or alley…or parking lot…or….?


ferry float-1

Have space for a bit of history that also disappears — and then returns — around July 4th each year? The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is looking for a new home for its ferry float.

For years, this traditional parade feature — it was built by long-time Edmonds chamber and community boosters Jack Hall and the late Fred Bell in 1993 — spent most of its time in the parking lot behind the downtown Edmonds Post Office. But with that building undergoing a major remodel, the float — which each year appears in the chamber-sponsored An Edmonds Kind of Fourth of July Parade — needs a place to live rent-free year-round.

“We patterned it from the original ferry that served Edmonds,” Hall said. “We took care of it for about 14 years and I drove it in the parade during that time. It was in other parades during that time also. Some years we used it to bring Santa to the tree lighting in December.”

According to Edmonds Chamber CEO Greg Urban, the float — an old Corvair engine in a modified Ford frame — measures 7 feet by 20 feet and is 10 feet high with the smoke stack removed.

The float needs a place to go by Aug. 1.

If you can help, call Urban at the Chamber Office — 425-332-7368.

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  1. Perhaps somewhere in “Salish Crossing” parking lot? Should be a natural fit at Ferry Terminal…


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