Shop Five Corners: Soup’s On Café

Soup's On owner Theresa
Soup’s On owner Theresa Williams. (Photo by Caitlin Plummer)

We are continuing our efforts to feature one business each day from the Five Corners neighborhood, which has been impacted by the roundabout construction:
Soup’s On Café
8402 Bowdoin Way
Edmonds, WA 98026

What this business offers: Homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts; pick-up catering; a roll-making class once a month on Sundays

How they’ve been impacted in recent weeks: “The construction affected us just as we were about to [make a steady bond] with customers,” said owner Theresa Williams.

Here’s the news release issued by the city Friday, encouraging residents to support merchants during the construction:

The City would like to remind residents that they can help support local entrepreneurs at that intersection by patronizing their establishments. Parking lots for all businesses are open to ingress and egress, save those on 84th Ave N where a very large stormwater detention vault is currently being installed. These business owners have invested in our community and we encourage our citizens to consider what they can do to assist them during this disruption in their normal business conditions. The City would also like to remind motorists to please pay attention to other drivers and signage throughout the intersection and to not block entry or exit to the parking lots as much as possible. Thank you very much in advance for your awareness and understanding.

The construction phases of the roundabout are proceeding on schedule. The full schedule can be viewed here: Roundabout Construction Schedule. Also, the most recent construction progress report from the City can be viewed here: Construction Progress Report #2.

The City will be mobilizing two Variable Message Signs (VMS) within the next week, which will be able to provide current information to all traffic passing through the site about access issues, major changes in traffic control procedures, and also reminding everyone that all businesses are open and operating and encouraging our citizens to support them. Any specials being offered by Five Corners businesses or other retail messages will also be posted as time permits.

Flaggers at the intersection will continue to provide traffic control and ensure safe and organized passage for all modes of travel through the work zone while our contractors are on-site each day. After hours, the intersection will be controlled by stop signs as it was prior to construction beginning.


5 Replies to “Shop Five Corners: Soup’s On Café”

  1. Whoever is in charge of the Variable Message Signs (VMS) should be told that the correct spelling is “business”, not “bussiness.”


  2. Thanks for your gesture of being sensitive to the Five Corners businesses. Huge impact for a bad idea. Ben Cain


  3. Will definitely stop by to find out more about the roll making class … sounds yummy and fun. Also will be stopping by the nail shop for a pedi.


  4. Thank you for reminding us all to support those businesses negatively impacted by the Five Corners construction. A friend and I went to Soup’s On for lunch today and their quality is still excellent. They chop their lettuce, do not use bagged (hooray). Their salad dressings (made in house), roasted chicken on the salad (roasted in house) and their own croutons combine for an excellent salad. The homemade soups and the sandwich selection sound wonderful although I’ve only had salads.
    Cheers to them for hanging on during this very difficult time.

    By going straight up Walnut from Edmonds to Bowdoin (the entry driveway is off Bowdoin) I encountered no traffic.


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