Summertime volleyball camps

From the website.
From the Nevillizms website.

In My Edmonds News’ quest for the best summertime activities, Barbara Neville of Nevillizms Volleyball Gym sent along this notice:

“We live in Edmonds and have for over 20+ years and run our volleyball training facility in Bellevue. My husband, Bill Neville, has coached in three Olympic Games with a Gold Medal for the USA Men’s Olympic Team in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. After coaching the women’s volleyball team for 10 years at the University of Washington, and then working with small groups at various gyms, quite a number at Harbor Square Athletic Club, we pursued and built out a two-court training facility in Bellevue early in 2006.”

There are three spots open at Nevillizms’ Foundational Camp, and other camps are filling. For more information, see the information page here.

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