Swedish/Edmonds becomes My Edmonds News TV sponsor


swedish edmondsMyENTV - Logo - Square - No TagMy Edmonds News TV, a new video-focused website for those who live, work and/or visit Edmonds, is pleased to announce a new sponsor: Swedish/Edmonds

“I am thrilled to welcome Swedish/Edmonds as a My Edmonds News TV sponsor,” said My Edmonds News TV founder Teresa Wippel. “Having our region’s premier health care facility on board with our efforts is a testament to the growing role that online video plays in the lives of our local residents.”

Wippel launched the video-only website in June to compliment Edmonds’ fast-growing online news source, My Edmonds News, which she founded in 2009. While My Edmonds News has always offered some video coverage of local events, and has provided video interviews of candidates during the past few Edmonds elections, My Edmonds News TV marks an expansion of efforts in this area, Wippel said.

“From our livestreaming of last week’s An Edmonds Kind of Fourth of July parade to coverage of local events such as the recent City Park playground ribbon cutting, we are increasing our efforts to capture events around town through a medium that an increasing number of people are using every day,” she added.

Watch for more announcements of additional My Edmonds News TV sponsors soon. If you are interested in having your business become a My Edmonds News TV sponsor, contact Maggie Peterson at [email protected].


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