Artfully Edmonds brief: Early call for Northwest School Art


Pieces by Northwest School artists Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Anderson and Kenneth Callahan are requested for a juried exhibition at the Edmonds Arts Festival Museum in November. The juried exhibition is sponsored by the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, Edmonds Bookshop, and The Edmonds Arts Commission.

The unique characteristic that sets these artists apart is that they lived, worked and played in Edmonds! Also included in this special November exhibit is Northwest School’s James Martin, who has been a resident of Edmonds for the majority of his adult life. His work can be viewed at the Foster White Gallery in Seattle.

Currently work by the artists is on display at Seattle Art Museum and Woodside | Braseth Gallery.

The CALL: This will be a juried exhibit with art provided by residents of Edmonds and Woodway. The work will be loaned to the Edmonds Museum for the duration of the exhibit.

Only a few pieces by each artist will be selected and all donors will be acknowledged in upcoming media announcements.

For more information on submissions, contact Marni Muir at [email protected] or call 425-697-0232

— By Emily Hill

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  1. Hooray! Art from right here, where we have everything right here! …….The best of the best! Thank you to the curators for this exhibit Yes, we are “unique” right here where we have everything………we just have to look….it’s here…everything


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