Artfully Edmonds: Introducing Art Walk artist Don Haggerty — and events galore

Earrings by Don Haggerty
Jewelry by Don Haggerty at ARTspot.

It’s the third “Artfully Edmonds” column of each month that I most look forward to writing – the Art Walk Edmonds column – because of all of the exciting happenings going on that add the energy and “buzz” that makes the City of Edmonds the arts destination that it has become.

In each third-Thursday edition of “Artfully Edmonds” we provide links to the line-up of studios, galleries, shops, and businesses that keep their doors open late, inviting art lovers, jewelry collectors, and wine aficionados to participate in the Art Walk stroll.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce readers to artists who have found their way to Edmonds; realizing it is fast becoming a Northwest arts destination. This month’s My Edmonds News featured artist has selected Edmonds as the locale he chose to unveil a new line of jewelry – depicting his perception of the “blending of strength and beauty” of women.

I am speaking of Don Haggerty of Red Step Gallery who will be showing his new line of jewelry at ARTspot (408 Main Street) this month.

Don and I had a chance to get to know each other a little better this week in an exclusive “Artfully Edmonds” (AE) interview. You’re invited to follow our chat, and just as well, to come into ARTspot Thursday between 5-8 p.m. to meet Don.
– – – –

AE: Don (DH), your art has been shown in galleries from coast to coast—California to Connecticut, Camano Island, WA, to Long Island, NY. You’ve even been featured in such in-between places as Ellensburg and Moses Lake. So, what is it about Edmonds’ ARTspot that compelled you to approach the gallery/art studio/supplies store for an Art Walk Edmonds show?

DH: When I first set foot in ARTspot, it was plain to see that all the claims being made on their web site are true—“gorgeous artist materials, super supportive classes, contemporary art by local artists.” There’s nothing here not to like.

My wife, Kathy, and I happened into ARTspot recently on an Art Walk evening and found Tracy Felix, co-owner, enthusiastically demonstrating how to paint with encaustic wax. (If you’re not familiar with this medium, you should stop by and talk to Tracy!) Even in the midst of her demo, Tracy greeted us and immediately commented about the earrings Kathy was wearing. The rest is history!

AE: I understand you will be showing your new jewelry designs this evening at Art Walk Edmonds. What media, unique construction techniques, do you use in the final design? Tell us about the piece included in the above picture.

DH: I’ve been creating figurative art for a long time now—as a painter and a sculptor—and a characteristic that has struck me over and over in my female subjects has been an ever-present blending of strength and beauty.

In my jewelry, these two complementary factors continue to be key. The component of strength is typically represented by a core industrial element—usually made of hardened steel and finished in a matte black—which is then joined with elements of silver and semi-precious stone, or natural elements such as bone, coral or pearls.

The piece in the photo above represents this well. The industrial element here is known to mechanics as a retainer ring. And it comes directly from the warehouse bins of an industrial supplier. It’s been specially hardened to withstand the intense heat and unforgiving pressures of the industrial environments for which it’s been designed. But suspended from this ring are two strands of delicate silver-plated hematite plates, terminated at each end by sterling silver beads. And capping the entire piece is a horizontally mounted freshwater pearl—the very antithesis of the industrial ring, with its soft white glow and organic form.

From my experience, I’m sure these same characteristics of strength and beauty will be just as evident, and just as uniquely blended, in the person who will wear this piece.

AE: Karla Matzke, owner of Matzke Fine Art and Sculpture Park on Camano Island, currently has on display your outdoor sculpture, Figure in the Forest. And your oil paintings can often be found hanging on the walls of Karla’s gallery. What compelled, or inspired, you to start a jewelry line?

DH: Certainly, any credit to be given here goes to my wife, Kathy Deratius. Kathy has made jewelry on and off all her adult life. And it wasn’t long ago that she challenged me to design and fabricate a particular pair of earrings. Needless to say, I accepted the challenge. And as you can see, one thing has definitely led to another.

As I noted earlier, the focus of my painting and sculpture work has for a long time been on the figure, and what more natural progression could there be of this exploration than to create art that is not only of a woman, but that is created to be worn BY a woman? So much art is created for the adornment of walls. Jewelry, on the other hand, is created for adornment on a truly human scale—becoming an integral ingredient of the personality, character and personal style of the wearer. Creating art for this end has been a real joy and has brought into play every bit of my artistic training and experience.

AE: How did your life as an artist develop? Did you “find” yourself at an early age, or is your art the product of later-in-life leisure?

DH: Not many people know that I grew up in Taiwan—from age five to eighteen. I enjoyed drawing from an early age, and I had my first art show there when I was about twelve. But more important than that, it was during those years spent in Taiwan that I encountered firsthand the magical brushwork of the Chinese. I vividly recall observing the brush’s dance as it was coaxed to perform by a skilled Chinese calligrapher, and the exquisite marks left in its trail as it flowed across the calligrapher’s scroll. Starting, stopping, dipping, rising, floating, falling, leaping, gliding–all with the grace and finesse of the most refined of ballerinas. To this day I recall it as a brush ballet.

It was these sorts of memories, together with a natural urge I felt to make art, that led me in the mid-90s to buy a fresh set of oil paints and begin exploring the landscapes of the Northwest. Whidbey Island was a regular destination, as were the North Cascades. It was not long after, though, that I met Kathy, and it was her effortless gestures that shifted my focus from the mountains to the studio. My primary medium continued to be oil on canvas, though it has since been complemented by oil and tempera, oil bar, and even aerosol and stencil. And, of course, sculpture has played a key role in my explorations. Though the jewelry I’m creating today may appear to some to be a radical shift for me, it in fact feels like a natural extension of the creative processes I’ve been applying and growing in all along.

AE: I’m sure our readers would love to know more about your personal life and inspirations. What would you like to share with us?

DH: I guess first off, not every artist is blessed with a muse. I’ve been fortunate. Kathy has inspired—and has modeled for—countless paintings of mine, and she continues as muse for the jewelry I’m now creating. Among artists, I’m fortunate, indeed.

Secondly, I have to confess that I have a particular love for flattened objects—especially the sort one finds in a street or parking lot, like a pop can that in its “natural” form is shiny and fully three-dimensional, but which, when left long enough in just the right place, becomes entirely transformed into a very flat, and often very fascinating shape. This unnatural end actually results in what I find to be some very fascinating “works of art”. As you can see, my inspirations come from many sources. And without a doubt, the new jewelry on display at ARTspot is a culmination of the inspirations that life has thus far brought my way.

To follow the art career of Don Haggerty, visit his gallery website.

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Heather Pasqualino ~ Oils in Action at ARTspot!

Besides introducing the jewelry designs of Red Step Gallery Tracy Felix and Denise Cole are offering Edmonds a vibrant look at “in action” Heather Pasqualino:

Heather epitomizes how up and coming the Edmonds art scene really is! She creates beautiful flowing abstract images using such tried and true materials as oil paint on canvas. But she amazes the viewer with her ability to make visual images you will get lost in, and not want to come back to reality from. Not only will her paintings be at ARTspot for the month, but Art Walk night visitors can meet her and watch her high energy translate into paint – there is ALWAYS an artist in action at ARTspot – every Art Walk night.

Follow Heather at her website.
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Other Art Walk Edmonds highlights:

Arista Wine Cellars uncorked.
The Art of Wine at Arista Wine Cellars.

Arista Wine Cellars uncorks the “Art of Wine”
320 5th Ave. S.

Leading with the saying, “The consumption of wine will cause you to think you can sing at the top of your lungs” tells us just how sparkling fun this established wine cellar is! Visit their rich, colorful Facebook page here but even better . . . visit the wine cellar as your first stop to get into the spirit of things!
– – – –

Gallery North features "Beauty of the Northwest"
Gallery North features “Beauty of the Northwest” show.

Gallery North
401 Main St.

Exciting invitation from this mainstay cooperative gallery, “Come see the “Beauty of the Northwest” showing at Gallery North!”

The Grand Prize winning painting, “Hanging Out with Seagulls” by Lyla Jacobsen is on display and “waiting just for you!” is the tantalizing rejoiner from Gallery North.
– – – –

Randall J. Hodges Photography
317 Main St.

Randall J Hodges premieres this month his fresh, exciting video, “Exploring Goat Lake.”

The photography studio welcomes Art Walk Edmonds visitors this month – and every month.
– – – –

WhimSea Boutique
405 Main St.

"Inherent" by Nikki Espinoza
“Inherent” by Nikki Espinoza

Katies Jones, owner of WhimSea Boutique will be hosting Nikki Espinoza and her beautiful artwork for Art Walk Edmonds this month. Nikki is a local artist who uses all sorts of materials and designs to create colorful paintings and drawings.

What we love about Nikki’s work is the bright colors and her vivid imagination. Please join us in enjoying the work of this inspiring artist!
– – – –

So! That’s the quick line-up of the businesses that “Artfully Edmonds” received gallery news from this month. Heading to downtown Edmonds for Art Walk Edmonds? You won’t want to miss one stop along the Art Walk way – click your way to this month’s map to peek at what is in store for you before you step out the door and join the crowds.

August Art Walk map

Note: Champions Real Estate is August Art Walk stop #6, a few blocks further south on 5th Avenue than is indicated on the map. Please seek them out at 525 5th Avenue S.

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Now for the musical notes of “Artfully Edmonds”

The Edmonds Arts Commission has arranged two Summer Concerts for us this week.

Edmonds City Park
600 3rd Ave. S.

Sunday, Aug. 24 ~ 3 pm

Second Hand Newz, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band will be performing; so bring your beach blankets and lawn chairs. Need a preview? Here is Fleetwood Mac’s tribute to their own Edmonds-performing tribute band, “Second Hand News” ht
– – – –

Tuesday, Aug. 26 ~ noon

Danika Nolton of Rocklyn Road
Danika Nolton of Rocklyn Road

Hazel Miller Plaza
5th Ave. S. at Maple St.

By mid-week the arts commission shifts the action downtown where Rocklyn Road will perform country and rock for those sipping wine and nibbling at sandwiches outside The Cheesemonger’s Table.

The little bit of rockabilly band is comprised of Gary Johnstad and Danika Nolton, instructor and student who struck a chord back in 2009.

Rocklyn Road will just be heading out to the Evergreen State Fair for their evening performance so give them an Edmonds welcome and y’all treat ‘em real nice . . . ya hear?

~ ~ ~ ~

Edmonds playhouses are filling again, after a short summer recess!

1946415302_origPhoenix Theatre
Firdale Village
9673 Firdale Ave.

“Rumors” by Neil Simon
Directed by Christine Mosere Aug. 29 thru Sept. 21

Thursday, Aug. 28 ~ 8 p.m. “pay-what-you-can”
Production runs Friday, Aug. 29 thru Sept. 21
Fridays/Saturdays ~ 8 p.m.
Sunday Matinees ~ 2 p.m.

Touting the tag line, “Comedy without all the Drama” The Phoenix Theatre proudly begins its fifth season with the Neil Simon farce, “Rumors”.

Playwright Simon begins his 1988 work as four couples show up at the home of the deputy mayor of New York and his wife who are to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary that evening.

However, the mayor, having mixed Valium and gunplay just prior to the fete, has shot himself – in the ear lobe.

Party guests whisper, rumors swirl, affairs are speculated, and auto accidents add to the accumulation of hilarious lines and pratfalls in one of Broadway-comes-to-The Phoenix classic farcical comedies.

The local cast and technical support for “Rumors” include Monica Chilton, Dan Jacoby, Woody Lotts, Rebekah Dawn, Larry Albert, Christian Ver, Annie St. John, and Asa Sholdez; with Molly Brusewitz as assistant director and costumer, and set and lighting design handled by Chris Cannon and Linda Curry, respectively.

Get your tickets by calling 206-533-2000 or go online to
Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French Play Publishing.

– – – –


The Teeny Award Nominations!
News from Driftwood Players

teentix-logoThe Driftwood Players Theatre proudly announces that the company has been nominated for three 2014 Teeny Awards. Excelling in the categories of:

☆ Best Front-of-the-House Experience
☆ Best Theatre
☆ Favorite Organization

The Teeny Awards celebrate the very best in our region’s arts and culture as determined by the members of “Teen Tix.”

Here’s YOUR ballot.
(All entries will be checked against the TeenTix member database. Entries from non-members will be discarded and ineligible for prizes.)

Founded in 2004 by the Seattle Center, “Teen Tix” partners with performance venues to facilitate the sales of over 45,000 arts venue tickets to teens in the Puget Sound area. Those venues include The Driftwood Players, Edmonds Center for the Arts as well as the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle International Film Festival, EMP Museum, 5th Avenue Theatre, and ACT Theatre.

The goal of the Teen Tix Awards is “to empower teen arts audiences, and to reward those organizations that have done a particularly good job of welcoming young people over the past year.”

So Teens!! Sign up to be a Teen Tix member and then vote for The Driftwood Players – one of our own local Teen Tix venues
– – – –

. . . and here’s more to encourage Edmonds’ young people to participate in the arts, “Arts for Everyone!”

Edmonds Center for The Arts (ECA)

ECA logo in mauveThis season, ECA launches Arts for Everyone. This new program will offer schools significantly-discounted tickets to performances in ECA’s Education Matinee series, based on the overall percentage of students in the Free and Reduced-Price Meal programs of each participating school.

The Arts for Everyone provides 20 percent of the seating to qualifying schools at a minimum reduced rate of $2 (vs. the regular $8 student ticket price). The rate of ticket-price reduction will be calculated on the percentage of students at each school participating in the Free and Reduce Price meal plans.

For more information and details on how to apply, contact Gillian Jones, Education & Outreach Manager, at [email protected] or 425-275-9483.

The lineup for the 2014-2015 Education Matinee Program begins with “Migration” by Hobey Ford on Thursday, October 9th. A full listing of matinees can be found here.

Emily ~ Square jPeg— By Emily Hill

Emily Hill is an author and long-time resident of Edmonds. She is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or venue featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at [email protected].

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