Artfully Edmonds: Local author looking for ‘kickstart,’ and SO many events around town

Fischer's book cover.
Fischer’s “Searchin” book cover.

This week provides so many varied and exciting ways to get involved in the Edmonds artful scene. From cheering on an up-and-coming innovative, imaginative, author from the sidelines, to “invites” from our local playhouses, and then on to opportunities for authors and art students o grow and hone their skills – Edmonds has a wealth of offerings and opportunities to chat up this week.

“It’s magic really. Magic and elbow grease.”

We open this week’s column with an introduction to a seriously zany, very promising children’s authors – Kurt Fischer of Edmonds.

My Edmonds News first encountered Kurt by way of his campaign to raise funds for his beach-themed children’s book, “Searchin” which he wrote and illustrated himself. He is using the Kickstarter platform to promote his campaign to raise $6,000 to be used for publishing costs and audio-production expenses.

To date Kurt has raised nearly $2,000. Each day counts down closer to his September 7 Kickstarter deadline. But, with over 400 Facebook friends, a twitter account, and his on-stage appearances Artfully Edmonds feels certain that this is a Kickstarter campaign that is going to make it!

Artfully Edmonds (AE) had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Kurt Fischer (KF) and we invite you to listen in to what he shared about this funny, happy project.

But first!! A word from his sponsor via his Kickstarter page.

– – – –

AE: I’ve read your biography and watched your ridiculously funny Kickstarter video – it so ridiculously silly!

KF: Thank you! We had a blast making it.

AE: Where, around town, might Edmonds residents have seen you? Maybe on stage? Possibly as a street busker?

KF: I am everywhere. I love this town. I’ve built props for the musicals at Edmonds Elementary. I’ve coached boy’s basketball for SnoKing Youth Club. I bother the many baristas of our coffee shops (caffeine fuels most of my crazy ideas . . .).

I’ve also frequented all of our great restaurants. I love the Farmer’s Market and all of the Edmonds’ Festivals. It’s possible you’ve even seen me at PCC (that place is my second home.)

Stage-wise, I performed once at Red Twig’s open-mic, but my 12-year old twin boys, Kai and Rylan, have far more experience at that than I do. I have done some Karaoke at Harvey’s . . . shhh – don’t tell! [editor’s note to Kurt: Your secret’s safe! We won’t tell anyone]. And, I do play a lot of basketball at Harbor Square.

AE: Are you planning any live audience performances to promote “Searchin” ?

KF: I am considering this heavily. We might do an open mic thing… Or it might be more impromptu. Recently, Poseidon and I were at the Taste of Edmonds. We were promoting the project, taking pictures with the crowd and bringing smiles to children and vendors alike. It was a blast!

AE: Are the two of you planning any appearances at the Edmonds Farmer’s Market??

KF: Maybe, anything’s possible.

AE: Possibly we will see you at the Edmonds’ waterfront?

KF: Always. That’s where Poseidon likes to talk business.

AE: What ‘stunts’ (a guy like you MUST have stunts) do you have lined up to give Searchin’ that “Last Kickstarter Push”?

KF: We are still brainstorming on this. (No Spoilers) Though I am hoping it won’t need a ‘last push’. My hope is that it will surpass its initial goal and that we will get to do some ‘stretch goals’ for the project. I have some really fun ideas lined up for this.

AE: I see on your Kickstarter project page that you have hired a professional sound engineer! That is very cool!

KF: Yes! I am so excited about this.

AE: Which studio is assisting you?

KF: False Colour Sound, of Seattle, run by a colleague of mine who has been an audio consultant for Airtight Games, Microsoft studios, and Philips.

AE: Will you be putting any videos up on YouTube for Twitter Heads to send out to their social network?

KF: Most of the video content will be in the form of updates on the Kickstarter project page. The backers deserve this type of one-on-one interaction with the concept they are helping to bring to life.

After the project is completed, there may be a video, or an app, or an e-book to follow.

AE: What is your “product-to-storefront” timeline? Can we look for “Searchin” during the holidays, or will its release be more timed for, “Have a great summer!” next year?

KF: More like, “Have a great summer!” I want to deliver a quality product on time, and it will take a while. You have to do a lot of upfront homework to have a realistic and well-run project on Kickstarter. Working backwards from book delivery dates, to production lead-times, then audio recording sessions and art-production estimates, all the way back through to launching the project. That being said, we will certainly have some entertaining project updates along the way.

AE: Poseidon looks wildly familiar. What can you tell us about him?

KF: An epic tale about a creature of the sea needs an epic authority of that domain. Don’t you agree?

AE: Why . . . Yes! I do!

AE: Are you looking for an ‘agented’ Big Five New York publishing deal – or will you approach Amazon for an Amazon imprint and use them as your publisher; or will you publish yourself with maybe Amazon’s CreateSpace platform for independent authors?

KF: Big Five New York? Not opposed to that possibility. Amazon? Barnes & Noble? Maybe.

I do like the idea of self-publishing. Many of the artists who’s work I love, are doing this and selling books off of their own websites.

That is part of the brilliance of Kickstarter. The world gets to decide if your idea succeeds or fails. If there are enough people who believe in it, then, kapow! It becomes real.

It’s magic really. Magic and elbow grease.

AE: As Kurt and I wrapped up, and I thanked him for the generosity of his interview, he promised to let Artfully Edmonds know where and when, around Edmonds, we might see him and Poseidon so that our readers could ask them questions about “Searchin’” – an illustrated and musical tale, about a sea urchin who is on a quest for something mysterious.
~ ~ ~ ~

Sand Sculpting Contest

Hundreds and hundreds of ingenious entrants filled the beach on an overcast day Tuesday to sculpt the sand of Edmonds’ Marina Beach Park. After providing Artfully Edmonds so many mentions, I felt it only fair that I be personally on the scene to see just how artful our Edmonds Sand Sculptors might be. I arrived just as the Mayor Dave Earling, official 2014 judge, was picking up his clipboard to make the rounds – The Golden Bucket Award being the prize in three major categories.


Looming thunderclouds cut short my stay, but I did get a chance to chat with several sculpting teams, including one team with the catchy name, “The Adams Family.” Judy Adams, matriarch and grandmother of an Edmonds-area family, learned of the Parks and Recreation event when she grabbed a flier about the contest at The Taste of Edmonds this past weekend. She immediately put together a seven-member family team.

The grandmother explained her motivation, “with so many grandchildren, I am always looking for fun activities that will bring the cousins together. This sand sculpting contest was so perfect!”

With less than 48 hours to prepare, Judy made fast work of recruiting her grandsons Felix and Caden who are brothers, and grandsons Eli and Tim along with her daughters Moira, and Ashley. With four cousins, two daughters and a grandmother one would imagine they had a plan . . . a scheme even.

Not so fast!

According to Judy, “We had no idea as we hit the beach what we were going to sculpt! All we had were buckets and shovels!”

Inspiration hit young Eli, an 8-year old West Hill elementary student. The team would make a life-size replica of cousin Tim basking on the beach. Ready! Set! Go!

The results of the Adams Family Team is shown here:

The Adams family's creation.
The Adams family’s creation.

Right next door to the Adams Family entry was Seahawks Sculpt, pictured here.

sand seahawks
12th man in the sand

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Edmonds Sand Sculpting Contest, who are listed in Lily Jaquith’s article for My Edmonds News.

See you next year everyone – at Marina Beach Park for the Sand Sculpting Contest!
~ ~ ~ ~

So, to start off Artfully Edmonds events line-up for this week we have:

Concerts in the Hazel Miller Plaza
5th Ave. at Maple St.

Tonight! Thursday, Aug. 14 ~ 5-6:30 p.m.


Most Edmonds music-lovers know of the Scott Cossu Trio, who are famous for their contemporary instrumental vibes. If you do not (yet) know Scott and his trio, they are featured in this YouTube video playing their newest recording “Safe in Your Arms.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Driftwood Players
Wade James Theatre

300 Main Street, lower level

Sunday, Aug. 17 ~ 3 p.m.
Monday, Aug. 18 ~ 7 p.m.

Driftwood Players Theatre Company is holding auditions for the upcoming production “Other People’s Money” by playwright Jerry Sterner.

The well-established company is seeking two women actors to portray characters aged 30 to 60; and three men for the roles of characters in the 40-60 years of age range.

Going to give it a try?? Bring a headshot and resume, if available, or a recent photo. A prepared monologue of up to two minutes in length is expected.

Sign up at their website or call 425-774-9600.
– – – –

constance_origPhoenix Theatre

Firdale Village


“If its funny, its Phoenix,” is what I always say and I’m looking forward to opening night of the upcoming production “Rumors” which opens Friday, Aug. 29 at 8 p.m.

Going?? Let everyone know! Do the ‘Click, Click’ at the Facebook page.

~ ~ ~ ~

Cole Art jPeg

Cole Art Studio
107 5th Ave.


The studio is currently offering a slate of three classes, beginning with a brand new class, “Intro to Sketchbook Journaling in Watercolor” with Joe Mac Kechnie.

Mac Kechnie’s class will be taught Saturday, Aug. 16 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. with an optional 2nd day: Sunday, Aug. 17 ~ noon to 4 p.m.

Denise Cole, owner of Cole Gallery introduces Mac Kechnie, “Joe’s experience in leading painting trips to Italy uniquely qualifies him to teach you how to capture your travel memories in watercolor. You will love being able to paint your travels in simple and easy strokes! Great for beginners!”

August continues with “Be in Charge of your Credit Card: Make it Paint!” by Sandy Byers on Saturday, Aug. 23 and Sunday, Aug. 24.

Cole offers her students “Splash, Drip and Dazzle in Watercolor!” on Saturday, Aug. 30 ~ 10:30 a.m.-4:30 pm.

To sign up for any (or all! ) of these classes go to

~ ~ ~ ~

South County Senior Center
220 Railroad Ave.

Thursday, Aug. 21 ~ 5-7 pm

Luau in Blue Hawaii

Feel the cool breeze as you listen to the tunes of the “Sweet Someones” ukulele group. The “Sweet Someones” meet at the Senior Center every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm for a fun filled hour of singing and strummin’ a variety of songs, old and new. The group is lead by Uncle Ben. The Sound Singers will complete the evening with a musical program and hula dancing.

The Center will be serving a delicious Hawaiian style meal meant “to tickle your taste buds”.

$12 Members / $18 Non-Members / $7 Children. Sponsored by Everett Plaza Assisted Living.
Call 425-774-5555, Ext. 104 for more information
~ ~ ~ ~

Notes and Reminders:


Write on The Sound (WOTS)

Sessions are filling up quickly for the much-anticipated Edmonds’ annual writer’s event, Write On The Sound according to Laurie Rose, conference organizer. With the conference filled to 70 percent capacity only two weeks after registration opened July 28, Rose observes that writers have been very quick to respond to the invitation to sign up for the conference.

That WOTS sessions fill so quickly is “a wonderful problem to have,” she admitted in an exclusive interview with Artfully Edmonds, adding that the appeal of an intimate gathering is a draw for presenters and participants who “come from all around the Northwest, U.S. and abroad”.

Now in its 29th year, this unique and affordable conference offers over thirty sessions on craft, marketing, and specialty writing topics. Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, and an opportunity to network with fellow writers are only some of the choices presented by the conference.

The sought-after pre-conference workshops (Friday) have been expanded this year with these intriguing offerings.

Rose pointed out that, “the Friday critique sessions are a golden opportunity for peer-to-peer” interaction with Friday’s “two fiction sessions still available”.

Register now for a weekend of inspiring ideas, useful information, and the opportunity to meet other authors from near and far. Available online at

If you have questions, please contact conference staff at [email protected].
– – – –

Deadline: August 30

2014 Arts of the Terrace
36th Annual Juried Art Show

Mountlake Terrace Arts Advisory Commission is seeking paintings, prints, drawings, miniatures, calligraphy, photographs, 3-Dimensional and artisans’ works for its 36th Annual Juried Art Show.

Over $4,000 in prize money is available. Arts of the Terrace is scheduled for September 27 – October 5, 2014.

To enter or to view the prospectus online, go to and on the home page under “most requested services” click on “Arts of the Terrace”.

More information on the Arts of the Terrace is available at, or call
425-776-9173 Ext. 3300 or email [email protected].
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Edmonds Center for The Arts
410 4th Avenue No.

Tina Stryker, ECA publicist, announces that single-performance tickets, as well as full-subscription packages for ECA’s 2014/2015 season, are on sale now.

Stryker invites the greater Edmonds, and Seattle-to-Everett community, to view the season’s exciting and varied lineup here:

I bought the 8-pack ticket option and am giddy over the prospect of seeing Jesse Cook, and Martha Redbone, among others.

Further information is also available at the ECA main website.

Emily ~ Square jPeg

— By Emily Hill

Emily Hill is an author and long-time resident of Edmonds. She is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or venue featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at [email protected]

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