City of Edmonds to begin pavement overlays starting Thursday


The City’s 2014 Pavement Overlay Project is scheduled to begin starting Thursday on the following streets:
– 100th Ave W from 243rd Place Southwest to Edmonds Way (State Route 104) – begin work Aug. 21
– Olympic View Drive from Talbot Rd to 76th Avenue West – begin work Sept. 2.

This work will involve grinding off the top two inches of old pavement and replacing it with new asphalt pavement. Expect delays for lane shifts and traffic control operations during work hours (7 a.m.-5 p.m.). For the safety of construction workers, traveling public and pedestrians, please use caution when driving through the construction zones.

If you have any questions, contact Ryan Hague at 425-275-4808 or send an email to [email protected].

2 Replies to “City of Edmonds to begin pavement overlays starting Thursday”

  1. Wish I could say the same about 72nd up here on Cherry Hill. Take a left and you feel you’ve turned onto a road in Eastern Washington. Rocks flying, patches missing. Not a pretty sight. And they say it’s done…… Mayor????


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