Dahlias in your yard? Show us so we can share


dahliaOK, Edmonds, it’s time to show us your 2014 dahlias!

As you may recall, some local research found that the dahlia is the flower of Edmonds — as confirmed by the Edmonds City Council in 1925 and then forgotten about until this year. In response to this recent discovery, the City of Edmonds has added information to its Parks and Recreation web page, and several local floral groups (and the City and Swedish/Edmonds) are on board to add dahlias to their 2015 landscape.

It’s clear that next year, Edmonds will be full of dahlias.

But for this year, show us YOUR dahlias. Email a photo to [email protected] and include the neighborhood you live in, and we’ll share it with our readers.



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  1. It was not long after Edmonds Floretum Garden club was started in 1922 that the idea for a city flower arose. Floretum was involved with the choice which came down to the rose or the dahlia. Floretum decided on dahlia. They used to have dahlia shows. It’s nice that interest in the dahlia is increasing again. They are great for late summer, fall color. Look forward to seeing pictures. The city has included dahlias in many of their corner plantings.


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