Edmonds Kind of Play: Can it be? Start of school just around corner

Jen Marx
Jen Marx

There is just under a month of summer left, but if your mail is any indication, it may as well be Labor Day weekend. I was just out of town on a “vacation” with the kids and our neighbors picked up our mail. When we went through the haul, it seemed like bills, back-to-school ads, and the Fall Craze. I had to actually check the calendar for the first day of school to see if I was as far off as I felt.

The first day of school is just under a month away and summer camp isn’t even over yet, but you can get jeans, on sale, pretty much anywhere. I will say I have talked to two Moms today who both have the majority of their school supply shopping done. While I put a dent into ours today, on one hand, it feels too early, and on the other, Target was out of the pencil I needed. The biggest thing I learned was Office Depot, 99 and 196th has reams of copy paper for half the price of Target’s.

If you are doing anything with your kids around the Civic Center Field Civic Playfield at 310 6th Ave. N in Edmonds on Friday, remember that A Taste of Edmonds starts at 11 a.m.. Every single year headed to get one kid or the other, I have to scramble for a parking spot at camp pick-up because the parking on 7th is packed! A Taste of Edmonds is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and packed full of fun stuff for kids, plus those 12 and under get in free. For more information on A Taste of Edmonds click HERE!

Each Tuesday, there is a fun, free show at The Hazel Miller Plaza, 5th and Maple. Coming up on Tuesday, Aug. 12 at noon, Louie Foxx is bringing his Magic and Juggling Show to the plaza. When I checked out the concert series last year I caught a few minutes of Louie’s show. He is funny and fast-moving and the kids packed in to watch him really loved it. For more information you can call Edmonds Parks and Recreation at 425-771-0230 or click HERE!

The Edmonds library, 650 Main St., has two great kid activities coming up. The first is another Reading with Rover event Saturday, Aug. 9 at 11. Kids of any age can come and read to a real-life dog in order to help strengthen reading skills and improve reading confidence. This is also a great idea if you are behind on your summer reading like we are over here! If you want to be in the drawing for the new bike, the deadline to have finished your Explore Summer reading program is next Friday, Aug. 15.

Next Tuesday, Aug. 12 at 2 p.m., School-Agers can check out Whale Tales. This program will feature amazing facts about sea creatures. “Experience up close baleen from a bowhead whale, an ear bone from a fin whale, the upper jaw of an orca, and the skull of a harbor porpoise, all from the Burke Museum.” These are the kinds of library events that blow my mind. This is like a trip the museum but it’s free with no travel. For more information, you can call the library at 425-771-1933 or click HERE!

I tried to save most of the Back-To-School talk until the end but it couldn’t be avoided. While walking through the Frances Anderson Center, I found a pamphlet that included a class called “Starting Point: Middle School Success.” I can imagine that Middle School comes with a lot of emotions I remember getting on the bus and cramming into a seat with two friends. We couldn’t even look to the back of the bus because of all the of the “8th graders.” The class is on Saturday, Aug. 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and taught by a finishing school instructor. The class intends to help kids with things like “creating and maintaining meaningful friendships, introductions, conversation starters, cell phones, social media and how to stay organized.” The cell phone subject alone is so sticky, a little backup sounds good to me. For more information, you can call Edmonds Parks and Recreation at 425-771-0230 or visit reczone.org.

In the Edmonds School District News email, I saw that high school fall sports begin this month and that all paperwork is due prior to the first day of tryouts. While football tryouts begin on Aug. 20, cross country, girls swim, girls soccer, boys tennis and volleyball all begin on Monday, Aug. 25. To turn out, you will need to fill out eligibility paperwork, which you can find at www.edmonds.wednet.edu/forms. High school athletic offices open Aug. 18 for questions or to turn in your paperwork. You can find fall sport schedules and information for some schools’ tryouts at www.wescoathletics.com. Middle school sports begin on Sept. 4 and the district promises more info soon.

– By Jennifer Marx

Jen Marx, an Edmonds Mom of two young boys, is a traffic reporter by dawn and writer and PBJ maker by day. She is always looking for a fun place to take the kids that makes them tired enough to go to bed on time. You can find her trying to make sense of begging kids to ” just eat the mac n cheese” at SnackMomSyndrome.com. If you have a kid-friendly event you’d like to share, email her at [email protected].







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