Edmonds Police Blotter, Aug. 15-22


EPDpatch_smAug. 15
22900 block 106th Avenue West: A fire was set in the breezeway between buildings at Sherwood Elementary School.. Several incidents of vandalistm were also reported at school by staff the day before, Aug. 14.

Aug. 16
8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Diners at Denny’s left without paying.

Aug. 17
7400 block 210th Street Southwest: Six vehicles parked on the street were reported keyed during the night.

Aug. 18
19900 block 81st Place West: A woman was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail for assaulting her husband.

Aug. 19
8500 242nd Street Southwest: A man was driven to a secluded location by associates and robbed.

23600 Highway 99: A man was arrested for identity theft after using a stolen credit card to purchase maerchandise at Safeway. The suspect was booked into Snohomish County Jail also for outstanding Lynnwood warrants

Aug. 20
22200 block Highway 99: A woman attempted to buy marijuana from a suspect. Prior to completing the transaction, the suspect took the victim’s money then assaulted her, fleeing on foot.

300 block Sunset Avenue: A man twice drove up to a man and his children walking on Sunset Avenue and said he did not want to see black people on the Edmonds waterfront. The suspect said he had a gun and would kill them if he saw them again.

Aug. 21
10400 block 226th Place Southwest: Trees and a wooden fence were set on fire. Two possible suspects were seen running from the immediate area.

8500 242nd Street Southwest: A man was driven to a secluded location by associates and robbed, at 1:35 p.m.







5 Replies to “Edmonds Police Blotter, Aug. 15-22”

  1. I really hope they can find the person that threatened the black family on the waterfront. That’s a hate crime. It makes me very angry to think someone from Edmonds would do that, and in front of kids–so horrible. I’d also like to see more information about this. It seems deserving of its own news story.


  2. I totally agree with the last comment. That man is the kind of person we don’t want in Edmonds. I hope the father got a good discription of that racist.


  3. Edmonds is a community that is almost totally white……eighty eight percent I believe. Our community needs to add

    diversity to its agenda, particularily in the bowl. I have lived here 4-1/2 years, and I don’t believe that is an isolated case.

    I have heard plenty of comments around here where I live that are racist and it has been shocking to me. I am from a metropolitan area.

    Our town needs to welcome all.

    I am 65, gay and certainly know when I have been discriminated against here. And it is blatant..

    Perhaps with a Code of Ethics, we could also have a Code of Diversity. We live in a global community now with many, many different people. We should be celebrating all of our differences!


  4. That racist comment really turned my stomach.. Can’t imagine why someone would think that’s an acceptable thing to say to anyone.


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