Edmonds police dog Dash passes away

Police dog Dash (Photo courtesy Edmonds PD)
Police dog Dash (Photo courtesy Edmonds PD)

Just two months after the passing of retired K-9 police dog Rocky, the Edmonds Police Department announced Monday that retired police dog Dash has died.

The 9-year-old Dash, who hung up his leash last summer, served the department from 2006-2009. He died on Saturday, Aug. 16, Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Mark Marsh said.

Dash came to Edmonds PD after being discovered at the Washington German Shepherd Rescue organization, Marsh said. “During his career, Dash was responsible the apprehension of numerous criminal suspects and locating countless items of evidence,” Marsh said.

In 2007, Dash was recognized with the Medal of Valor and as the Officer of the Year for subduing a suspect who was shooting at his handler, then-Officer Josh McClure. “Without Dash’s assistance there is no doubt that Officer McClure, now Sergeant McClure would have been seriously injured,” Marsh said. In May 2014, Dash was awarded with the Meritorious Service Citation recognizing his exemplary career with the Edmonds Police Department.

According to Marsh, Dash was well known in Edmonds and surrounding communities for the many demonstrations in schools and other public events that he put on over the years. Dash had retired to the home of Sgt. McClure, where he lived as part of their family until his passing.





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