My Edmonds Restaurant News special: Simon Majumdar returns to American Brewing Company

Simon Majumdar works the grill at American Brewing Friday night.
Simon Majumdar works the grill at American Brewing Friday night.

Simon Majumdar, a best-selling author and national food celebrity, worked the grill at American Brewing Company in Edmonds last evening. Simon cooked up some shrimp, chicken, and salad on skewers.

I confess to being star struck… I’ve been watching The Food Network long before Emeril Lagasse uttered his first “Bam!” Food-focused television programs like Iron Chef America, make my saliva glands work overtime!

Salad on a stick

As Simon was setting up the grilled fare, he graciously shared ingredients for the marinades and sauces he created. The golden marinade for the shrimp had EVO, cilantro, lime, pepper flakes ginger and more…can’t give away all of it you know. The chicken strips were soaking up the flavor of a Satay sauce before they ever hit the grill and received liberal basting of the same as they turned a rich caramelized brown. The salad on the stick was so cute I had to take a picture. The chubby mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes interlaced with leaves of basil were baptized with a balsamic vinaigrette.

ABC is all about the brew, so I sought advice from their master brewer Skip, as to which libations to sip as I noshed the various courses. His suggestions were perfect!

IPA’s bold and aromatic blend of floral and citrus hard checks your nose and follows it up with a medium intense hop bitterness that enhanced the balsamic and brought the basil into sharp focus on the portable Caprese salad.

American Blonde Ale’s golden straw color, delicate hop notes and citrusy aroma was perfect to pair with the skewered shrimp and complimented the citrus in the marinade.

Cask-conditioned ale was recommended for Chicken Satay. This was my first experience with this very traditional way of serving beer. The difference between ordinary ale and cask-conditioned is that the latter is naturally carbonated. It’s a lot less fizzy than what today’s beer drinkers are used to, and it’s served warmer. My warmed tasted buds were very receptive to Simon’s Chicken Skewers with the notes of caramel and spicy peppery accompaniments.

Simon has two best-selling books, “Eat My Globe” and “Eating for Britain.” When he began a quest to earn his American citizenship, his plan was to educate himself about all things American. That led him to travel our country from coast to coast on a Fed, White and Blue Tour to take in America’s food and drink. His culinary pilgrimage took him to farms, restaurants, distilleries, wineries and more. Of course, beer was involved too and he ended up in Edmonds. What better place to immerse himself in the production of beer than at the aptly named American Brewing Company.

People line up for Majumdar's fare.
People line up for Majumdar’s fare.

Simon’s sojourn resulted partnering with American Brewing Company to brew the Bronze Medal winning Fed, White and Brew ESB, which the brewery released in April 2013.

So Simon was back again in Edmonds. Famous for his stern critiques on the Iron chef, I found the celebrity chef as approachable as his cuisine. He graciously signed my copy of “Eat My Globe”. Simon truly loves the PNW so no one had to twist his arm to come out for tonight’s event. Simon has a fondness for NW Blackberries and he delighted me by sharing his “secret ingredient” for his Blackberry Crumble!

To get that recipe you will need to email me at

— By Kathy Passage

A specialty gourmet food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has in-depth knowledge on food and the special qualities of ingredients used in the exquisite products she helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique perspective from the “other side of the plate” to writing about the food and restaurant scene in Edmonds.

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