Edmonds School Board welcomes new school leaders Tuesday night


Edmonds School DistrictThe Edmonds School District Board had many items on its agenda Tuesday night, but we wanted to highlight in a separate post the appointment of new 2014-15 school year leaders for the district’s elementary and secondary schools, and recognition of transportation employees during the celebration portion of the board agenda:

Elementary schools:

Johnna Stewart, Principal – Brier Elementary

Sean Silver, Assistant Principal – Chase Lake .5/College Place Elementary .5

Katie Shook, Assistant Principal – Sherwood .5/Westgate .5

Sullivan Shaw, Assistant Principal, Hilltop .5/Hazelwood .5

Danielle Sanders, Assistant Principal – Beverly .5/Meadowdale Elementary .5

Doug Poage, Assistant Principal – Maplewood K-8 .5

Jimmy Nguyen, Assistant Principal – Spruce 1.0

Emily Moore, Assistant Principal – Lynnwood Elementary .5/Cedar Valley Elementary .5

Jennifer Lewis, Assistant Principal – Oak Heights .5/Martha Lake .5

Jesse Goodsky, Assistant Principal – Lynndale .5/Seaview .5

Katie Culver, Assistant Principal – Mountlake Terrace Elementary .5/Cedar Way .5

Secondary schools:

Katie Bjornstad, Manager – Online Learning Program

Jerry Christensen, Assistant Principal – Lynnwood High .5/Meadowdale High .5

Ashley Griffith, Assistant Principal – Edmonds Woodway High 1.0

Allison Larsen, Assistant Principal – Edmonds Woodway High 1.0


Craig Christensen, district transportation director, was recognized for his dedication and commitment to student transportation safety. Christensen immediately thanked the school board, his team of employees and the community for their support.

A full school board report will appear on Wednesday.

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