Edmonds/Lynnwood Little League families need your support


The Edmonds/Lynnwood Pacific Little League All Star team is in Williamsport, Penn. preparing to play in the Little League World Series! This is the first time in Pacific Little League history that a local team has made it to the World Series, and they did so after winning all six of their games in the Northwest Region tournament that ended last Saturday

The PLL team (now the “Northwest Region” team) plays its first World Series game this Thursday, Aug. 14 against the Great Lakes Region at noon Pacific time. Games will be televised on ESPN.

Traveling to the regional and national tournaments is expensive, and every donation makes a difference. You can make a contribution in three easy ways:

Electronically: Send in a donation through the Go Fund Me website: www.GoFundMe.com/PLLallstars
In Person: At the Bank of Washington at two locations: 202 5th Ave S in Edmonds, or 5901 196th St. S.W. in Lynnwood. Donate to the Pacific Little League fund.
By Mail: Send checks to Pacific Little League, P.O. Box 231, Lynnwood, WA 98046

Meanwhile, we believe! Go Pacific!


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  1. I thought Kirkland Little League won the World Series in 1982. That’s why they have that beautiful ball park in down town Kirkland.


  2. It is the first time that a Pacific Little League team (hence our local team, to clarify) has made it to the World Series.


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