Letter to the Editor: Thanks to My Edmonds News


To the Editor and Volunteers of My Edmonds News,

My Edmonds News is a pleasure to read and continues to expand in content that keeps me connected to my community whether I’m working in Liberia or Louisiana! Thank you for reporting on such a broad variety of topics. I’m still in awe that you do this every day! With so much negative news, it’s always a joyful part of the day to read, be inspired and informed about what’s going on in my home community wherever I happen to be.

You and your volunteer writers’ commitment to spend monumental amounts of time — mostly free gratis — is a testament to your love for Edmonds. I do hope your readers realize this daily news is a labor of love for which you are minimally — if at all — financially compensated. You and your volunteers are generous in your commitment to continue offering such a valuable no-cost local news service.

I am spontaneously writing this letter to you and your reading audience because you all deserve public applause. And I sincerely hope your readers will follow their applause with a financial gift — however small — to acknowledge you and your team’s daily gift to our community.

I am grateful for what you do to enrich the daily trudge through my inbox!

Carol Schillios
Fabric of Life Foundation

5 Replies to “Letter to the Editor: Thanks to My Edmonds News”

  1. I completely agree with the above comments and thank you, to all, for such a wonderful and informative newspaper. It’s the first thing I read in the morning!!:):)


  2. What a kind a thoughtful letter. As one lucky enough to get to work for this great publication, I can attest to how hard Teresa works to make it happen, and her dedication to this community.


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