Snohomish Health District seeks public comment on changes to Smoking in Public law


health districtThe Snohomish Health District is seeking preliminary public comment on a proposal to adopt and amend the state Smoking in Public Places law.

According to an announcement from the health district, the intent is not to change the law adopted by voters in 2005, “but to make it more clear in light of current trends.” The health district proposes adding language to the local code to make it clear that the law applies to marijuana and hookah smoking, as well as to cigarettes.

The local code would also better define the terms “employer,” “employee,” “public place” and “place of employment.” These clarifications will assist business owners and the public to better understand the law. The Snohomish Health District is responsible for enforcing no smoking laws in Snohomish County, with the support of law enforcement and local jurisdictions.

The public comment period runs from Sept. 1-15. A link to the comment form is on the Health District website,

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  1. Smokers have as much right to the air to smoke as any non-smoker have a right to breathe the air! Non-smokers don’t own it we all use it like everyone else…………even the cars use the air,restaraunts,cookouts,fireworks and each and everyone of those things including non-smokers releases hundreds and thousands of the same chemicals found in that same cigarette smoke! So go outlaw yourselves under the same pre-text as you used for smoking you HUMAN CARCINOGEN MACHINES!


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