Stunningly Strange Gallery closing its doors Oct. 11

Caitlin Goodey
Caitlin Goodey

Stunningly Strange Gallery announced Wednesday that it will be closing its retail doors in downtown Edmonds on Oct. 11.

The gallery, located at 407 Main St., will be having “a wonderful sale during the month of September to make sure all the amazing art gets placed in appreciative homes,” the announcement said.

“It has been a wonderful two years being in the heart of Edmonds,” said artist and gallery owner Kaitlin Goodey. “Meeting so many fun, creative, and wonderful people has definitely been one of the highlights of the gallery.”

Goodey said that closing the gallery was a tough but necessary choice after she discovered the hours spent running the gallery left her little time for her own creative work.  I learned a lot over the last two years and am so grateful for that as I head onto my next adventure,” she said.

Closing the gallery doesn’t mean that Goodey is saying good-bye to the arts or Edmonds, she added. “My artwork has grown a lot while being in the shop and now it is time for me to focus my full attention to developing it, sharing it and all around taking it to the next level,” Goodey said. “I will be moving all my creating to my home studio here in Edmonds and getting my work out into the world through craft shows, my website, and other avenues. I’ll also be working on having some open studio sessions where people are more than welcome to come by and hang out with me while I work on a new project.”

Store hours for the Stunningly Strange Gallery are 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.


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  1. Nathan & Kaitlin Goodey exemplify the best in the Edmonds art and business community. They both stepped up to help with the new Edmonds Art Walk, and have been great neighbors on Main Street. I am hoping to continue our association for years to come even if it is in another capacity. Good luck in your art quest!


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