Want to learn more about solar? Two open houses coming up next week in Edmonds


solarize southcountyThinking about putting solar on your roof? Join Solarize South County at one or both of the following Solar Open Houses:

– Wednesday, Aug. 27, 4-7 p.m., 838 Fir St., Edmonds

– Saturday, Aug. 30, 9 a.m.-noon, 23025 74th Ave. W., Edmonds

Solar experts will be there to answer questions and you can see a system live. This is a low-key way to learn more about why now is the best time to invest in solar for your home or business.

Visit www.solarizewa.org to register to attend a free educational solar workshop that qualifies you for a free site assessment.

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  1. Here are some facts about the incentives currently being offered by PUD, State and Federal govt’s and the inherent savings in solar energy itself. These are based on a proposal prepared for my home as a result of attending the last Solar Workshop.

    The system proposed has 24 solar panels each measuring 4’x6’ for a total of 576 sq ft or a 24’x24’ section of my roof. This would be a system capable of producing 6.48kw. They would produce an annual savings of $524 at today’s rate of $.09 per kw. Impressive until you look at the total cost of $33,120. Based just on the cost and savings the pay back would be 63 years.

    Currently there are enormous incentives by PUD, the State and the Feds to go along with the actual energy savings. During the first year the state will forgive the sales tax and give a “production incentive” of $.54/kw, 6 times the actual savings. The States incentive for the first year is $6017 and $3144 for the next 5 years. The Fed have a tax credit that is $8324 (30%) of the costs. The PUD kicks in another $2500. That makes the first year incentives of $16,841. For the life of the incentives the State kicks in a total of $20,951. Together with the PUD and Feds the total incentive is $31,775. That means the out of pocket cost is about $1,345. But with the $524 savings per year on the electric bill, the net is we would be ahead by about $1800 in 2020.

    400 families in Snohomish County have already taken advantage of these incentives. If they are receiving the close to the same as my estimate then just in Snohomish County the incentives exceed $12,000,000. Can you imagine how much government money has been given to families around the State.

    These incentives are available to folks in Edmonds and they are very large for acting soon.


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