Westgate development plan, next steps for Citizens Compensation Commission before Edmonds City Council Monday


At a special Monday night meeting, the Edmonds City Council will cover two big issues: a public hearing on a proposed development plan for the Westgate neighborhood, and discussion and possible action on what to do next regarding the status of the Citizens Compensation Commission.

The Westgate development plan reflects two years of work by the Edmonds Planning Board and three public hearings, following initial data collection, citizen surveys and meetings, and reports initiated by University of Washington undergraduate and graduate planning and architecture students. Citizens who want to learn more about the Westgate project can find extensive documentation including maps, memos and reports as part of the Aug. 4 council agenda here.

The Citizens Compensation Commission issue is the latest chapter in an ongoing saga about the commission’s initial recommendations, which included a $500-per-month raise for the mayor and no increase in councilmember compensation.

Questions have been raised about whether the commission, which is supposed to consist of seven members but has been operating with fewer due to the lack of applicants for the volunteer board, had an official quorum at the time the recommendations were made. Some councilmembers also questioned the dismissal of one of the commission members due to the fact she also held a seat on the Citizens Economic Development Commission (EDC). That particular commission member — Evelyn Wellington — has since resigned her seat on the EDC and part of Monday night’s agenda is reappoint her to the Citizens Compensation Commission. The council is also being asked to confirm Earling’s appointment of two other new compensation commission members — Barbara Tipton and Kathie Ledger — and to reconfirm the following commissions who had been appointed earlier: Brent Hunter, Dilys Rosales and Mike Hathaway. The seventh commission member, Mike Meeks, was the most recently appointed commission member and is not on the agenda for reconfirmation.

In addition, the council is scheduled to hear an update on the process being conducted by Councilmembers Tom Mesaros, Kristiana Johnson, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas and City Attorney Jeff Taraday to develop an evaluation process for city attorney services.

The 7 p.m. council meeting is preceded at 6 p.m. by councilmembers meeting in their capacity as members of the Edmonds Transportation Benefit District. Both those meetings are in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. At 6:30 p.m., the council is scheduled to convene in the jury room for 15 minutes in executive session to discuss pending or potential litigation and spend another 15 minutes interviewing the newest nominees for the compensation commission.

You can learn more about the meeting agendas here.

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