What’s new at the Edmonds Museum Farmers Market: Cucumbers, tomatoes and gluten-free muffin tops


Edmonds-Historical-Museum_Summer-Market_Logo-TanI am so excited, I don’t quite know how to begin. After a week off, we return to celebrate the summer season with you all at Saturday Market.

This week we welcome a wide selection of cucumbers to enjoy either cut in a glass of ice water, sliced into a salad, or ready for pickling! Check out the great selection of cucumbers at Summer Run Farm’s booth this week.

Also, the week brings a wide selection of tomatoes, of all shapes, sizes and colors. Check out the great varieties at Tonnemaker’s, Caruso, Alvarez or Summer Run Farm. There might even be some early tomatoes Gypsy Rows as well, so stop by and check it out.

Into peppers and eggplants, well then Alvarez Organic Farm or Baustista Farm is a great place shop. Whether you are looking for traditional jalapeños, banana or sweet bell peppers, you will find these and so many more.

Miracole Morsels is debuting their gluten-free “muffin tops” this week, inspired by a past Seinfeld episode. They will have lemon-raspberry, pumpkin, almond-poppy seed and morning glory varieties. They are wonderful as is for snacking while you shop or toasted with some butter. They will also have their gluten-free rosemary sandwich roles and hamburger buns that actually hold up on the grill. Stop by and check out the full gluten-free line and say hello to Aubrey the chef while you are there!

So much to enjoy! See you at the market.

— By Christina Martin, market manager

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