Artfully Edmonds: Autumn is in the air! Can’t you just feel it?

ART Walk Brand New June jPegI love that this week’s main events share the spotlight with the autumn equinox. We’ll stash our flip-flops, (Right? We will – won’t we?) polish our boots, brush off our little black dresses and have our tuxedos pressed. The drum roll for the 2014-15 performance season is about to begin.

Regular readers of this column know that I begin every third-Thursday edition with news of Art Walk Edmonds (AWE). Why? Because the Art Walk Edmonds Team is AWE-some, energetic, enthusiastic, and committed to bringing Edmonds center stage as Puget Sound’s newest arts destination.

Since last month’s “Artfully Edmonds” installment of news related to AWE, the community has been introduced to Elizabeth Martin-Calder, the newly hired director of Art Walk Edmonds. Read My Edmonds News coverage of Martin-Calder’s hiring here.

Denise Cole, owner of Cole Gallery, held a welcoming reception at which I had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth. She and I exchanged our enthusiasm for the AWE members as she explained her extensive background, making it abundantly clear she is excited to be taking a central part in Edmonds’ art scene with the AWE Team.

Asked this week what her first goal as director of Art Walk Edmonds might be, Martin-Calder responded, “Our first goal of Art Walk Edmonds has been, and will always be, to focus on community – so I have been very busy these past few weeks getting out and meeting business owners, the various Art Walk Edmonds partners, and artists that we enjoy working with.

Our next steps will be in developing our infrastructure, working toward making things more streamlined, and building up our communications tools.

As far as what’s immediately in store for us, this weekend we look forward to celebrating Edmonds Arts Studio Tour 2014 and Edmonds will see quite a bit of focus on that as well as our joy in working with the City of Edmonds Arts Commission.”

Also at the welcoming fete was Lynette Hensley, who goes by the moniker “Flying Redhead.” Lynette is AWE’s Artist Development chair. She sent out a Call for Artists, as we each sipped delicious bubbly and she told me about her AWE mission, “I want to invite all past participating artists, as well as interested artists to enter their information on the AWE website so that we can post a listing for them.”

And here’s something new! The Art Walk Edmonds website will be posting performing artists as well as visual artists.

Lynette added, “We are using the website as the primary way to connect artists and business participants.”

The artists listings on the AWE website can be found here.

Lynette also informed me that, “for sure!” Art Walk Edmonds will be utilizing Facebook’s events feature for upcoming events; so following the Art Walk Edmonds Facebook page is a must.

“Tracy Felix, who is the chair of the events committee is key contact on upcoming AWE events. The events committee has some great collaborations coming up.” Art Walk Edmonds is teaming up this year with the Edmonds Historical Society’s Scarecrow Festival; then there’s October’s third Thursday event, aptly named, “Art Stalk” – and more!

I couldn’t resist asking Lynette, “why Flying Redhead?” As she pulled out her business card and we exchanged contact information, she offered a one sentence reply: “This former costume designer loves making connections between her mixed media characters and real people (the audience) with a bit of drama, pathos and humor, like live theater, but in two dimensions!”

You can follow Art Walk Events and informative updates for the AWE team at their Facebook page.

Heather Pasqualino
Heather Pasqualino

We’d like to continue this week’s column with an interview of an artist I met at last month’s Art Walk Edmonds – Heather Pasqualino. When I stopped by ARTspot to see what the gallery offered for the August Art Walk, I felt a mystical pull to Ms. Pasqualino’s art, and intuited that you would want to know more about the young artist whose works have been in the window of the popular art supply, studio, everything-art! Shop.

Getting to Know Heather Pasqualino

AE: Heather, I’ve noticed that sometimes you use the name Weirich in your messages to me. Should I include your husband’s name in your interview with “Artfully Edmonds” (AE) ?

HP: I use “Heather Pasqualino” as my professional identity. Obviously, I use my maiden name. (Now that I am married and continuing with my art) I feel like it is important to keep the name I began my career with to and maintain a reliable brand identity.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not smitten with the fine man I call “Husband”. My husband, William Christian Weirich, is quite literally my rock and my anchor.

AE: How would you describe your art to someone stepping into your studio for the first time?

HP: When my husband and I started dating we would talk about my art. We discussed what I wanted from it, where I thought it would go, and how I was getting there. My husband encouraged me to create a “30 Second Commercial”, a short introduction of me as an artist I could recite when making new acquaintances.

“Describe who you are and what you offer, to people in 30 seconds,” he would request of me,
when someone would walk into my studio. I used to respond, “I combine the elements of fire and water and blow them across a two dimensional surface using vivid colors.”

Nowadays, I find the need to include the words “color”, “movement” and “vibration”, especially when describing my landscapes.

I am a huge fan of color and movement, which is evident in both my abstract “Signature Style”, and my impressionistic-inspired landscapes.

“Color. Movement. Art” has recently become my motto.

Blue Swirl
Blue Swirl

AE: What can you tell us about you choice to study art at Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA ~ close to your home town? Beloved faculty member?

Ah, Shippensburg University, a wonderful experience! The way I came to study at Shippensburg was a bit unplanned. I didn’t have a clear post-high school graduation strategy. During high school I hadn’t given much thought to my future. The only things I was really concerned about in high school were working and sports.

Now, for me, sports was critical. By my senior year I was captain of the Track n’ Field Team where I competed in Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin. I even held the women’s Long Jump record for a few years.

I also played Field Hockey. During an invitational All-Star Field Hockey Game the Head Coach of Shippensburg University scouted me. A week later I received a letter of interest asking if I would be interested in a scholarship to play at Shippensburg University. A few months later I found myself out on the Rugby Pitch and never looked back at Hockey!

AE: How does your inspiration strike? Middle of the night in a dream of colors? As you pass by vegetable stands at the Saturday markets? Tell us!

HP: Inspiration is abundant here in the Pacific Northwest. I draw from a variety of sources. I’m very keen on experiencing as much as possible and using all my senses!

I love to create pieces that convey movement, so I draw from the ever-changing skies here in the Seattle area. Inspiration is constant for me with the clouds, the changing hues of the distant mountains; the ebb and flow of the waters reflection in the changing sky. It’s the need to capture movement that is all around me and transfix it upon a canvas.

“For me, Painting is quite literally – necessary. Without it, I cannot move, reach, grow or live. In its absence, I stumble and easily succumb to the day’s dissatisfactions. When I paint, I feel complete and dare I say, indestructible? Painting is my ritual and my meditation. Simply put, painting for me, is like taking a much needed long and deep breath.

AE: Edmonds’ Write On The Sound is attracting hundreds of writers and authors to town in a couple of weeks – what is the last novel you read?

HP: I love this question because I love books, and I love to read! My nightstand is stacked with books.

I am such a fan of imagination, of where characters are brought to life with adventure, mystery, magic, love and endless possibilities! I am a huge fan of character development and alternative worlds.

Reading for me, is handled much like my paintings. I have to be in a certain mind frame to read a certain story that I have started. Just as I have to be in the right mindset to go back to a painting that I started at an earlier date.

I flip flop between my books, depending on my moods. I recently finished “The Fiery Cross” by Diane Gabaldon. ☆ Let it be known, I often go back and re-read “Outlander”, especially now that it’s a show on Starz. Other favorite authors include Anne Rice, Richelle Mead; and Dean Koontz, another Shippensburg University graduate.

On a personal level, I am looking forward to the brilliant successes of up and coming writer Jessica M. Cooper. I’ve been privy to her writing. I am very excited about her future as a professional writer! (Remember that name!)

I have a special place for literature on my heart. I suppose there’s a creative parallel when it comes to painting and writing. Both “compositions” arise from the imagination, a series of character developments with a plot. Both, a new book or a new painting come to life from invisible ideas brought to life by the hand of the creator.

AE: What strengths does Edmonds hold for you as an artist? Your best friends are here? Possibly you’re inspired by the waterfront? The restaurants? Maybe you dash out for a great bites as you take a break from your easel?

HP: Gosh, what a great question… Edmonds hold for me Hope, Inspiration, Family, and Beauty. As I drive into Edmonds from my home, the last curve in the road opens to the Sound. It’s exhilarating.

Edmonds always feels welcoming! What’s not to adore about the town? Great eateries, picturesque streets, a strong and thriving art community. It’s fabulous!

My kids love designing jewelry at Glazed and Amazed. I adore the chic shops up and down the streets. and Tracy Felix and Denise Cole of ARTspot! It was Tracy who originally saw my abstract pieces. It was she alone with Denise Cole, of Cole Gallery who invited me to become the featured artist at ARTspot during the August Art Walk. I had a magnificent time!

People came from all over to say hello and ask me questions about my work. It was such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by positive, happy people who just love art and love Edmonds! It was more than what I imagined to would be. It left me with a very warm and loving feeling filled with positive energy! It has been an incredible few weeks!

AE: We know that you will want to follow Heather, whether you visit her official website or socialize with her on Facebook. She can often be found at her easel at ARTSpot’s studio, 408 Main St.
– – – –

Art Walk Edmonds ~ September

So ready for the September Art Walk Edmonds? Here’s your map. Let’s go!

This week, Artfully Edmonds heard from the following galleries and artists:

Horses from Cheryl Waale

318 Main St.

Artist Cheryl Waale reminds us that, “Several of my new paintings are being featured during Art Walk Edmonds this evening. The exhibit at HouseWares will last through the end of the month, so please stop in and take a peek before the horses gallop off to Sedona. It would be wonderful to see you!

Waale’s impressive collection of works can be previewed at her website:
– – – –
Gallery North
401 Main St.
Thursday, Sept. 18 ~ 5-8 p.m.

Every week I look forward to hearing from Gallery North regarding what’s going on in the art space at the corner of Main Street at 4th Avenue:

Gallery North inspires us each month, without exception, with their video presentations on featured artists. Ann Harlan Prather‘s stunning work is the subject of this month’s Animoto teaser produced by Catherine James:

Animoto teaser
Head Streaming by Ann Harlan Prather

The gallery invites you to include them in your Art Walk Edmonds stroll Thursday evening and to meet Ms. Harlan Prather who makes this statement regarding her North Gallery colleagues, “The spirit and passion of our members is evident in every aspect of gallery operation, from the Website to the arrangement of art on the walls. Each month, the membership gathers to prepare the next month’s display. Besides their astounding artistic vision, our members possess an impressive array of other skills.”

There’s so much to see while at Gallery North; including Ms. James watercolor, “Within the Willow”. If you’d like to learn the story behind this painting, visit her original blog post explaining the piece at:
– – – –

Cole Gallery
Event Location:
David Varnau’s Studio
725 Driftwood Lane
Saturday, Sept. 20 ~ 5-7 pm


David Varnau, together with Cole Gallery, is hosting a very special evening at the artist’s beautiful sculpture studio and gardens.

Denise Cole, gallery owner, and Mr. Varnau invite you to join them for this exclusive event that art collectors will enjoy. Highlight of the evening will be the unveiling of two new figurative bronzes. Come for an evening of visual inspiration and enjoy Celtic music and hors d’oeuvres catered by Shorecrest High Culinary Arts Program.

More information about the event can be found on the gallery’s event announcement.

– – – –

Mixed media piece from Melinda Tidwell

Zinc Art + Interiors
102 3rd Ave. S. Suite B
Thursday, Sept. 18-Oct. 13
Art Walk – The Literary Corner – And Beyond!

Opening Night Soirée

Abstract mixed media artist Melinda Tidwell and sculptural jewelry and 3D art by kimber elements will show at Zinc Art + Interiors at this evening’s (Thursday) Art Walk.

Santa Fe artist Melinda Tidwell will have a select showing of her mixed media pieces dissecting books and words. Tidwell uses book parts, acrylics, inks, graphite, stitching, and other forms of media to communicate a mesmerizing visual fine art language leaning on her background in computer graphics and mathematics.

Seattleite Kimber Leblicq, artist behind kimber elements (yes, lower case), will bring her tactile and textural wearable sculpture jewelry to this show. Each of her pieces combines natural elements with modern form marrying chaos with beauty. Each numbered piece is only replicated 11 times. kimber elements will also be showing 3D sculptures and art installations taking a closer look at and redefining our view of the written word in particular.

More info at, or by calling 206-467-1027
– – – –

Edmonds Stages of History
~ A walking tour ~

Thursday, while you’re downtown strolling past the lawns along (and adjacent to) 4th Avenue and past the doorways of Edmonds downtown businesses, be on the lookout for the “Edmonds Stage of History” installations. This collaborative project, led by the Edmonds Arts Commission, was made possible with assistance from community members, the Edmonds Historical Museum, the Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission, artist Judith Caldwell, and local historian and writer, Larry Vogel. The Stages of History Tour Guide can be found here.
– – – –

ART Tour 2014

Edmonds Art Studio Tour 2014
Sept. 20-21
Saturday & Sunday ~ 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

This weekend set your own pace as you visit the private studios of 42 local artists as the Edmonds Arts Festival proudly presents the 9th annual Edmonds Art Studio Tour.

Drop in for a chat with participating artists right in their studio space surrounding by their easels, sculptures, and metal-working benches.

The Studio Tour Map can be found here; meanwhile “Artfully Edmonds” went behind the scene to learn these tidbits about participating artists. Want the scoop on what motivates this year’s participants to do “that thing” they do?

Andy Eccleshall
Studio #20 on the Tour Map
Working in oil and acrylic. Atmospheric 
landscapes. Representational style.

When asked what aspect of art excites him the most right now, Eccleshall responds, “It’s not easy to put into words but it’s always been the same. It’s a feeling you get when each piece is finished. It’s a discovery, a buzz, an itch you can’t scratch.

It feels like you’re climbing a ladder, one rung (painting) at a time.”
– – – –

Tracy Felix
Studio #16 on the Tour Map
Expressionistic and Geometric Abstracts

When asked in a recent interview how she balances her art with the other elements of her life, Ms. Felix responded, “It is all one and the same thing to me. “Art” is not just the actual time spent putting brush to canvas but the way you are wired. Art is integral, intertwined and overlaps with everything I do and all my relationships.
– – – –

Kiraya Kestin
Studio #14 on the Tour Map
Handcrafted Jewelry, watercolors and oil painting. Author

Ms. Kestin’s talents extend far beyond the work bench and easel. We learn from her Art Studio Tour interview that she has completed the text for her newest children’s book, titled “Six White Geese.” This is exciting news for our literary arts enthusiasts.
– – – –

Thomas Nunn
Studio #17 on the Tour Map
Matted and Framed photographs with an emphasis on black and white images

Nunn reveals that he was influenced by the work of Paul Kovack, northwest photographe who critiqued his earlier work who found “redeeming quality in one of my prints.” Frankly, we’re not surprised – and you won’t be either as you visit Mr. Nunn’s studio.

You will have the opportunity to purchase finished work right at the artist’s studio!
The full interviews of these artists – and more – are available at the tour website:

For specific information regarding the tour call Julaine Fleetwood, 424-712-1825 or email her at
~ ~ ~ ~

Make a Date!
For These Upcoming Events!


Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA)
401 4th Ave. N.
Red Carpet Gala
Saturday, Sept. 27 ~ 5 pm

This year’s ECA Red Carpet Gala, sponsored at the Gold Level by Palatine Foundation and Windermere Real Estate Edmonds Office; and at the Silver Level by Swedish Edmonds, Heritage Bank, Republic Services, Harbor Square Athletic Club, Fluke, and Boeing promises to be a glittering extravaganza as last minute items are added to what promises to be a breath-taking live auction.

You can preview the auction items at the event website; but let me draw your attention to one item in particular that I’ve noticed since last week’s column:

☆ Rick Steves 7-day City Tour ~ Your choice of destinations from these exciting cities: London, Paris, Rome, or Istanbul.

There will be a dazzling selection of items to preview and then bid on as with John Curley, celebrity auctioneer, bangs the gavel and the bidding begins. Be there!

The Red Carpet Gala helps raise critical funds in support of ECA’s outstanding and culturally diverse, programs as well as the continued growth of our education and outreach programs.

Ticket prices for this chic event start at $150 per person. Star Level tickets are available for $275 per person and include
☆ Exclusive parking
C Premier seating
☆ Premium wine selection
☆ Dedicated table service.

For reservations contact Amy Stone, Development Manager at 425-275-9492 or at
– – – –

a1 Rick Steves Holy Land

Rick Steves’ Lecture on
The Holy Land

Trinity Lutheran Church
6215 196th St. S.W., Lynnwood

Sunday, Sept. 28 ~ 7 pm
Free Event.

From the Playbill: Rick Steves, back from producing his TV special on the Holy Land (which airs on KCTS9 Oct. 5 at 7 pm), shares lessons learned while venturing through Israel and Palestine in this 90-minute talk.

Steves’ gives context to the persistent challenges facing the region – delving into disputed settlements, the security wall, and refugee camps.

The Trinity Lutheran Church event is free and open to the public. For a preview of the PBS show visit YouTube.

For more information about the program visit Rick Steves’ website.

Emily ~ Square jPeg

— By Emily Hill

Emily Hill, a long-time resident of Edmonds, is the author of two novels and one short story collection. She is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or venue featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at

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