Author Joseph Flint to speak at EPIC on Monday

Photo courtesy Joesph Flint
Photo courtesy Joesph Flint

Author Joseph Flint visits the Edmonds Library on Monday at 11 a.m. to talk about his book, ‘Rescue from Innocence.’ The event is hosted by EPIC Group Writers as part of Monday morning writing group which meets at 10 a.m. Seating is limited to the first twenty people, so be advised to arrive early.

Flint is a flight test engineer whose book touches on international intrigue and the real-life murder of British journalist Jon Moyle in 1990. Here, Flint offers a preview of his book: “We had suffered through the Iran-Contra scandal, Panama was just finishing up with the allegations of yet another scandal brewing between the real war on drugs and the white house. I felt yet another ‘true story’ about another scandal of how the U.S. was backing Iraq, even at that late date, with helicopter gunships using an illegal Chilean proxy was never going to interest anyone. I wanted more human drama and personal struggle to show how the simple capabilities of one man could turn so many lives upside down.” From InFlightUSA.

For more information on local literary events, visit nonprofit EPIC Group Writers. On Sat., Sept. 20, EPIC begins its literary agent workshop and just a few seats remain. For details, see here.

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