Dinner and a movie — make that an Indian dinner and movie!

100-foot journeyFor just five more days you get to pair the two: A meal at Edmonds’ Copper Pot Restaurant and a delightful movie called, “The Hunded-Foot-Journey” now playing at the Edmonds Theater. Both will leave you feeling full and very satisfied. The food, like the movie, is not too heavy and just spicy enough to know you’re experiencing something exotic but comforting at the same time.

It’s up to you as far as the order, movie first or meal first. I would recommend the movie first, but please know it will leave you wishing there was an Indian restaurant down the street you could go to NOW. Oh, that’s right, There is!!!

At our first, but definitely not last visit, we ordered a variety of dishes that did not disappoint. Everything was very fresh, the service was excellent and décor and music authentic. We knew we made a good choice when a family from India, the women dressed in their beautiful saris, also came in for dinner.

The movie is about a family from Mumbai, India who have to leave their thriving family restaurant and home because of political unrest. Through “divine intervention” they end up in a classic French village with a street market almost as wonderful as Edmonds. Helen Mirren owns the Michelin Guide one-star restaurant across the street from where the patriarch of the Kadam family, actor Om Puri, wants to start over. The contrasts are stark and competition escalates in sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking ways, but the message is clear: Love of food, love of people and love of life is universal and healing.

You’ll want to see this one on the big screen for the stunning scenery and musical score. And, if for some reason you don’t catch the movie by this Thursday, you’ll still be able to have a taste of India right here on the waterfront of Edmonds.

We live in paradise.

— By Maggie Fimia

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