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Hi everyone!

First off, let me start by saying how sorry I am for being MIA these last few months. I personally read so many articles, blogs, catch-up on YouTube videos and when people go weeks, let alone months without posting — I go crazy! But in all honestly, life happens. These last couple of months, the amount of homework, school and my job have been my main focus. But writing is focus as well and I am definitely going to get back into the groove of things. That being said, can someone please tell me where the months are going? They are literally flying by. Nevertheless, welcome to my late summer favorites!

aygin moisturizerMakeup    

Since I am combining three months, you better believe that this article is going to be an overload of makeup madness. First things first; I switched over to different moisturizer, which is such a big deal for me because nothing works as well as I want it to. That wasn’t until I met Clinique’s Moisture Surge. The gel is great too (that’s the one I used before) but this is just on a whole another level of amazing-ness! They have three different sizes that the moisturizer comes in so you won’t be worried about wasting your money. Since it is summer, I want to go easy on my skin. Most of the time I won’t wear any foundation but when I do decide to wear something (for a nice polished look) I’ve turned over to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. This product is amazing! You should still put on your own moisturizer and primer and then follow up with the tinted moisturizer. But seriously you guys, coming from someone who does not like BB creams and tinted moisturizers, this is straight up awesome sauce! (What’s the difference between BB creams and tinted moisturizers? BB creams are usually a moisturizer, primer and foundation mixed in together. A tinted moisturizer is foundation mixed in with some moisturizer. Both giving you a nice and natural coverage.)

aygin powderNext up is the Laura Mercier “Smooth Finish” foundation powder and no, I promise I didn’t plan this. This is amazing! I have literally tried so many tinted moisturizers, BB creams, full coverage foundations and this little guy just puts the cherry on top of any type of any foundation. On my cheeks, I’ve been going a little MAC crazy. Since I want a nice glow, especially during the summer season; I’ve been using Tenderling blush which is my holy grail of all blushes year-round but I find myself gravitating toward Peachykeen for when I am my tannest. To finish this “bronze goddess” look, I love to highlight in the summer! For that, I’ve been using “Soft and gentle” by MAC, now this is beautiful on everyone’s skin! It looks so flawless!

For my lips, I have also been obsessed with two products, both of which again are from MAC. One is called Sushi Kiss and the other is called Sweat and Sour — both have two completely different looks to them, but they are both such gorgeous orange, peachy colors. If peach doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what will. For my eyebrows, I have also switched my powder over to…you guessed it, MAC. I promise you guys, again, I did not plan this; I just fell in love! It’s a really nice soft, matted brown. It’s called “Espresso. Go check it out for those of you who have dark hair like me.

Okay, so for eyes, I’m pretty particular about mascara. Before I go into the store to pick up an item, I read everything I possibly can about it and try to educate myself to the max about the product. But half the time, you could be wrong. After all, everyone is different either it being from body to skin to even eyelashes. I’ve raved about this product to so many people and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on a daily basis regarding what mascara I’m wearing! This amazing product is by Too Faced and it is called, “Better than sex” mascara. I always feel so uncomfortable when I tell people but Too Faced products always have outrageous names, ones that will make sure you will remember!

And lastly, year round, especially summer- we all can get a little oily, sweaty and warm, even when you have the slightest bit of makeup on. Well, today, my magic secret will be revealed. I talked about in the last favorite but I have tried from point A to Z and this finishing powder is still my favorite! It’s Make Up Forever “HD microfinish powder”. It completely mattifies, giving everyone the impression that you just put on your makeup. Finishing powder is so important. At the end of a long day or even hour, you want your makeup to be in place. This won’t make you feel oily- I promise! It’s so amazing, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend everyone to use it. Minimal makeup to maximum makeup- you need this little guy in your life!


Aygin 2014Aygin Ghorbani is a 2012 graduate of Meadowdale High School, where she wrote a beauty column for the high school newspaper. Aygin received her A.A. degree from Edmonds Community College in 2013 and is now studying communications at the University of Washington.




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