Reminder: ‘Edmonds Embraces Diversity’ walk Sunday


Dembo Sanneh Final 3 no dinnerreminder that a demonstration of support will be held along the Edmonds waterfront this Sunday night, Sept. 7, for an Edmonds man who was threatened along with his family and subjected to racial slurs while they walked along Sunset Avenue Aug. 20.

Emily Hill, who also happens to write the Artfully Edmonds column for My Edmonds News, organized the “Edmonds Embraces Diversity” event, which will start at 7 p.m. at Brackett’s Landing.

Speaker will be former Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Board Member Tung Bui. Bui, who emigrated to the United States from Vietnam with his parents and family in 1975, came to the Edmonds community in 2007. There will also be a community welcome by Edmonds City Councilmember Strom Peterson.

Hill invites readers to reach her with questions or comments via email at [email protected].

3 Replies to “Reminder: ‘Edmonds Embraces Diversity’ walk Sunday”

  1. White Privilege: Alive and well in Edmonds with all of us. I think it would behoove all of us white people to read this list, and see if you easily recognize how privleged we are just from birth……”the lottery of birth”, the color of our skin. This woman took the time to monitor her day minute to minute to realize all the prileges exteneded to her because she was white

    “When Whites Just Don’t Get It”. part 2……today the in New York Times, Nicholas

    Kristof………..”count your blessings for the lottery of birth, randomness of the universe, roll of the dice

    Important statistic:

    Wealth disparity today between whites and blacks exceeds the disparity in South Africa during apartheid

    Southern Poverty Law Center – Racism and White Privilege:

    See everybody at the walk tonight!


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