Thanks for showing us your dahlias — what’s next?


Greetings. From the responses received by My Edmonds News, there are many dahlia growers in Edmonds. And they are darn proud to show us their handiwork. We are closing out this first season of showcasing our city’s official flower by posting dahlia photos that readers sent in. As you can see, It is quite collection.

One lesson learned is that we were a bit late to push a 2014 planting, around the town. What is a good way to get the word out, and to get volunteers to help the City, for example, at FAC in the north garden area?

There are many examples of businesses planting the flower – the Museum, Port, Edmonds-Woodway, Swedish, downtown corners and other places. Some of these locations include dahlias already, but like at Swedish, their landscape person plans to add many more and varying types next season. And then we have the downtown corners, etc.

So I’m sure we can plant more of these beauties and have some fun in 2015. Through the flower network in town, we could ask for volunteers to help plant in specific places, plus help to maintain them during the season.

We discussed holding an ol’ time contest to select the best dahlia in Edmonds. Do it during a Saturday market, etc.

I plan to talk with Greg Urban to see how the Edmonds Chamber could assist in the promotion of the City’s flower.

Just some ideas from a guy on 215th Southwest. Where can we go with our ‘flower’ next year?

— Jim Underhill


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