Two more workshops in October to learn about solar for your home


solarize southcounty

Two additional workshops are scheduled in October — the first one this Wednesday — to learn more about Solarize South County, a grassroots initiative that includes volunteers from Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace and Woodway working together to streamline the process of purchasing a solar system while getting a great group discount.

Solarize South County is a collaborative effort of those volunteers, along with Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Northwest SEED), the Snohomish County PUD and the City of Edmonds.

To qualify for a free site assessment and Solarize pricing, interested residents and business owners are invited to attend one of two free educational workshops coming up in the next two weeks. Register at

Workshops are set for the following dates and locations:

  • Wine & Cheese Workshop: Wednesday, Oct. 1, 5:30-7:30pm, The Cheesemonger’s Table, 203 5th Ave. S. #1, Edmonds
  • LAST Workshop: Sunday, Oct. 12, 12-1:30 p.m., Edmonds Lutheran Church, 23525 84th Ave. W., Edmonds

Please note that this program is only open to residents and small businesses in the following zip codes: 98026, 98037, 98036, 98043 and 98020.

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  1. Boy you do not want to miss out what looks like to be one of the biggest government giveaways of all times. Where else can you get a solar system for no cost and save a few bucks a year on their electric bill? And this is done all at other taxpayer’s expense.

    Here are actual details from a bid for a 6.5KW system for my home. The system will generate about $525 savings per year on the electric bill and with the initial cost of $33,100 would pay for itself in 63 years. Not a great investment for me or society with an expected life span of 30 years. One would still have about $16,000 to pay off if you had to do it alone.

    With the current government subsidizes you can get all your money back in about 5 years and then enjoy the $525 for another 25 years for a savings of more than $13,000 over the life of the system. This is all done at the expense of other taxpayers. $2500 comes from the PUD, $8300 from the federal taxpayers, and a whopping $21,000 comes from state taxpayers. Only $1300 comes from energy savings.

    For the average Edmonds taxpayer the state contribution alone is like not having to pay state property taxes for 22 years. 400 people in Snohomish County have already installed these systems and taken more than $13,000,000 from other tax payers. This money could help fund schools, roads or other projects instead of going to the 400 who figured out how to get in on this giveaway. That’s enough to fund 1300 kids for a year of school or about 9 years of street overlays for Edmonds. You too can still get in on this deal, just sign up now and the rest of us will pay for your system.


    1. There’s obviously no limit to the amount the greenies in Olympia will extract from us in taxes in their attempt to achieve their highly questionable objectives.


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