What’s next for Hutt Park trees? Arborist report expected next week, no suspect identified

Examples of damage to maples at Hutt Park.
Examples of damage to maples at Hutt Park.

The City of Edmonds is working with a certified arborist to assess the extent of damage caused by a vandal who hacked at least 100 trees in the Seaview neighborhood’s Hutt Park in late August.

According to City of Edmonds Parks Manager Rich Lindsay, the arborist has been spraying red paint on damaged trees for tracking purposes and the city “should receive a full arborist report next week, which will include restoration and rehab costs.”

Meanwhile, Edmonds police say no suspects have been identified at this point, and have received no leads since they distributed information through a press release shortly after the event occurred.

Laura Martin, who lives near the park and was the first person to discover the damage, set up a reward fund via GoFundMe, and she is still actively soliciting donations, with $550 raised so far. “The funds are ready and waiting to help support repair Hutt Park to its pre-vandalized state as much as possible, since it is not likely that anyone will come forward with info leading to apprehension of the vandal,” Martin told My Edmonds News in an email Wednesday.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Edmonds Police Department main number at 425-771-0200.  The case number is 14-3604 and the contact is Officer Moore.

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