Artfully Edmonds brief: Fullness Circles appoints Schaefer communications director


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Manya Vee, co-owner of MaJe Gallery on Main Street and director of “The Fullness Circles Foundation,” announces the appointment of artist Suzanne Schaefer as communications director.

“The Fullness Circle Foundation is excited to welcome Suzanne aboard . . . She has been very enthusiastic about the Foundation’s work from the very beginning,” says Vee.

Fullness Circles were inspired by the writings of humanist thinker and illustrator Jeff Stilwell, whose seminal work “Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God,” catapulted to No. 1 in Amazon Kindle’s Hot New Releases its first week of publication.

Stilwell explains how Fullness Circles work in this video by Thrashin’ Jack Productions.

The number of local Fullness Circles has grown to include at least half a dozen groups, with the start-up of each facilitated by Manya Vee, who attends the first several meetings of each Fullness Circle. According to Schaffer, Vee is available for speaking engagements on topics of motivation and inspiration.

“On a daily basis members of the Fullness Circle movement receive positive messages in the form of original cartoons penned by Jeff Stillwell who writes the Thrashin’ Jack comic series. Stilwell’s Thrashin’ Jack comics are also found on a wide variety of social media. Members and supporters of Fullness Circles routinely turn to these comics for inspiration,” according to a recent Foundation news release.

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