Chermak Construction offering discount on Seattle Home Show admission; announces ‘Stay in Your HOME’ program


chermak logoEdmonds-based Chermak Construction will be at the 56th annual Home Show 2, the largest consumer home show in the Northwest, set for Friday-Sunday, Oct. 3-5 at Century Link Field Event Center. The show runs 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.

“Our booth will be staffed with experience project developers that would love to talk to some local folks,” said Chermak Marketing Manager Kathy Hashbarger.

In addition, Chermak announced that it has received a trademark for its Stay in Your HOME program, through the United States Patent and Trademark Office! This program is designed to help people stay in their homes despite injury, illness or age-related changes, and Howard Chermak is giving a presentation on that very topic at the Home Show this Saturday, Oct 4 at 12:30 p.m. Among the topics:

• Installing hand railings

• Widening doorways

• Converting main floor living spaces

• Bathroom or kitchen conversions

• Ramp installations

• Easy-to-turn faucets

• Install task lighting

• Stair chairs & elevators

• Repainting in lighter colors and using color contrast for easier visualization of transitions etc.

• Installing hand-held showerheads, grab bars & shower benches

Chermak is also offering the following special for Home Show attendees: $1 parking and a buy one, get one entry — plus a free cup of F.X. McRory’s chowder.

“We have a promo code that we aren’t allowed to share on social media, but we’d be glad to give it to anyone and everyone that calls or emails us,” Hashbarger said. Call 425-776-1367 or email [email protected] to receive your code.

2 Replies to “Chermak Construction offering discount on Seattle Home Show admission; announces ‘Stay in Your HOME’ program”

  1. Good for this company discussing the Stay In Your Home programs that are happening across the country. I believe it was started in Boston years ago with great success. Whole blocks in neighborhoods participate with young and older members and diverse communities of people are brought together for a common goal………Elderly people do not need to leave their homes and live on highways separated from their neighbors ….We are all in this together and that is what the stay in your home encourages…….Even young people join., as insurance for their future well being and younger people click even better with elderly people…….These programs could be put together as easy as Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness for blocks of neighbor

    This type of organizing for our town would be such a plus and I believe would bring more people to live here. We could do this so easy and still keep and have our small town intimacy., especially with this type of program set up…….Thank you., Chermak…..Anyone interested in this., let me know….As I said., could be organized along with Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness!


  2. Thank you for your response Tere,

    We are in total agreement with what you have said above.

    Little changes in how we see and do things can make big ripples in the outcomes for both individuals and their communities. It is our hope that, in this decade, several generations will benefit from mind changes that allow for the common goals you have mentioned. We advocate, “changing your home, not your address!”

    That can be a possibility with changes and pre-planning.


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