Darlene Stern resigns from Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

Darlene Stern
Darlene Stern

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Board member Darlene Stern, who has chaired the chamber’s Fourth of July celebration the past two years, has resigned from the chamber, she announced Monday.

Stern has spent the past six years on the chamber board, and has also served on the Executive Committee as Treasurer. She became chairman of her favorite chamber event, the 4th of July after being tutored by the previous chairman Ron Clyborne,

“Although it takes a great deal of coordination and organization, success is a shared experience of working with (former) Marketing and Events Manager, Valerie Claypool, all the volunteers who worked tirelessly for the 18-hour all-day event, and to the good-natured downtown businesses who allowed parade-goers to set lawn chairs on the sidewalks in front of their establishments days before what is now considered one of the best 4th of July parades in the state,” Stern said.

“I appreciate having met countless members of the community during my tenure on the Chamber board and the opportunity to make a difference in our wonderful Edmonds.”

Clyborne, himself a Chamber past president and executive committee member, said that Stern “will be sorely missed by those Chamber, Board and community members who have volunteered to share a broad range of committee work during her tenure.”

“Her dedication, loyalty and honorable commitments to community volunteerism has set a very high standard and will be an example to all those who will follow,” Clyborne said.

As for Stern’s future, she said she “will continue on with my other civic responsibilities and now that I will have the time, I will travel.”

  1. From the time that Darlene Stern and former Police Chief David Stern arrived in Edmonds they embraced Edmonds as their home and set the bar high “for giving back to the community”. Thank you Darlene for continuing to give back even after David was taken from us. It’s people like you who make Edmonds such a great place to live. Your contribution will be missed! Happy trails!

  2. We wish everyone the best. The fourth of July event is always fun. However, I have not enjoyed the fact that people can set up chairs, days ahead of the parade in front of establishments downtown. Not only does it mean we never get to have a better spot but each year it’s quite frustrating to see all the spots taken up so quickly so far ahead of time. We have gone to other parades in the area rather than our own. I don’t think I am the only one to feel this way. I understand needing view points for children or handicapped or seniors…but that’s not what I have witnessed with the chairs put in place so early. Something to please think about…. Thank you, Carol Sandusky

  3. Darlene you will be missed! As a fellow Board member, I can state unreservedly that the chamber & city are much better off due to your service over the last 6 years. Thank you.

  4. Darlene:
    Please consider applying for the council seat being vacated by Strom Peterson. Or you could travel for a year and run in 2015.
    I believe the whole community would be behind you.

    1. With all due respect Mr. Page, we need fresh and NEW idea people at the head of our government……We need new ideas. We do not need more old business (this is not a reference to Ms. Stern, just new approaches for city) as usual as we move forward. We also need people willing to consider the greater GOOD and what the citizens want now as that is what younger people consider first now. for obvious reasons. I do not think we need people that sit on our City Council and ask no questions……We need people that have the courage to ask the hard questions for the greater good. We need a government that is just and is fair to ALL citizens, not just the select few.

      I would also like to add that a CODE OF ETHICS should be instituted as quickly as possible, and I believe I heard that is going to happen shortly. Let’s have no more business as usual……Our city has not done well with that and that is obvious with all the businesses that have left our town.

      We should be paying attention to those on our Council (and businesses, Chamber, etc. ) that want to keep us in the past, (asking no questions, old ideas, etc. ) or those that want to move our city forward for the greater good. Same goes for the Mayor we choose next time around..

      After the recent Seattle court spectacle and embarrasment for our city, we clearly need a change!………….maybe we can start with not having so many closed sessions (I believe set in place by our Mayor) so we can actually SEE & HEAR what is really going on…..behind closed doors. Now days, TRANSPARENCY in government is everything!….not more closed doors…….less closed doors

        1. unless of course they are bought…….This is common knowledge now in our country (thanks to our Supreme Court), so please let’s not carry on about the “demoncratic process”. Right now, this does not exist in our country……..that’s a fact! It is not about democracy, it is about those with the biggest pockets and most money. This is what’s wrong with our country now….. all kinds of people are bought……People put in office by the wealthy…. and it is shameful and a total disregard of the “democratic process” of our country. One would have to be living under a rock to not see this, or in total denial, or part of the wealthy class, or cronies of the rich, , etc. The general populace is not stupid

        2. Note that this comment has been edited slightly to comply with our code of conduct. When we start referring to local people, it becomes an attack.

        3. I was not referring in the above statement to local people. That was this newspapers thought, not mine.

          ….I was referring to the democratic process……this was not an “attack” of local people although now that you have brought this up, it is important for citizens to know if there is local corruption and if local positions are bought and by what entities or corporations and who is not ethical and breaks laws, ordinances, cronyism, etc. . THAT is part of the “democratic process” and the right of every citizen to ask questions regarding this……………

          Last time I looked we were not a country like Russia…….and that speaks for the media also…..

        4. Just to clarify in the interest of transparency: here’s how it read before the edit:
          “…all kinds of people are bought……People put in office by the wealthy…..easy to see on a local level…. and it is shameful and a total disregard of the “democratic process” of our country.”
          and it now reads:
          “….. all kinds of people are bought……People put in office by the wealthy…. and it is shameful and a total disregard of the “democratic process” of our country.”

        5. “easy to see on a local level”. This had been mentioned in your news source before regarding a particular election, and the link to the entity that spent an unusual amount of money to put this person in office and actually made it public at their website. . . When asked to provide a link to the so called “accusation” at the time (on My Edmonds News), I did that on this very news source and it was published. This was a fact and public information. This was not an “attack” on the person, it was a fact of the “process” used for “democracy” and how election results can be different if someone has very little money or no big pocket backing. This is not democracy

      1. Also a reminder that we request only three all caps words per comment. This is a requirement of our Code of Conduct.

  5. Darlene, I just wanted tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on the Fourth of July and I look forward to working with you on other events in the future.

  6. Darlene, A breath of fresh air and always busy. So, happy for you, but you will definitely be missed. Now you can walk with us in the 4th of July Parade rather than run it!! You are a wonderful role model of donating boundless time to our City.

  7. In our great country and our blessed community, it is the contribution of civil society that keeps the wheels spinning. Contributions of time, ability and inspiration from people like Darlene cannot be measured. Thank you for gifting us with your generosity, happy travels!

  8. Darlene, I am sorry to see you go.
    I have enjoyed working with you on the signage for the 4th. You came up with good ideas that worked. I am sorry we won’t be able to have fun with your history questions.
    All my best for the future.

  9. Isn’t this article about Darlene Stern resigning from the Chamber Board and her contributions to the community? It’s amazing how one person, with just a few keystrokes, can cast a shadow over a positive story about someone’s contributions to the community.

    1. Actually it is a lot of keystrokes and a lot of the same old rehashed statements. Darlene has made a major contribution to Edmonds with here volunteer work in so many areas. Her careful thinking has added to our community and if she were to run for council our city would gain a very smart and thoughtful voice with a lot of new ideas good for all of us.

  10. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and working with, Darlene for many years. The City has benefitted greatly as a result of her volunteering countless hours on the Chamber of Commerce Board, Economic Development Commission and many community events. Our community is truly blessed to have Darlene and many like her sharing their time and talents. Thank you Darlene!!!!!!

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