2015 Historic Edmonds calendars now available

Old and new composite photo of downtown Edmonds at 5th and Main, by Andy Eccleshall.

The City of Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission is proud to announce the release of the 2015 Historic Edmonds Calendar. This high quality, 12-month calendar depicts important events, places, and people from Edmonds’ past and is free to the public while supplies last.

The historic photographs were provided by the Edmonds Historical Museum. Calendar layout and graphics were created by Andy Eccleshall.

The calendar is available in the lobby of the City Hall building at 121 5th Ave. N., (between 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), the Edmonds Historical Museum at 118 5th Ave. N., or next door at the Ganahl-Hanley Log Cabin at 120 5th Ave. N. Citizens may pick up calendars at City Hall up to three per person for personal use, or up to 20 per business to distribute to walk-in customers.

They make great gifts and are sure to go fast, so don’t delay.

9 Replies to “2015 Historic Edmonds calendars now available”

  1. I want to thank the Historic Preservation Commission for giving us these wonderful historic calendars. Being a historian and having been a longtime resident of Edmonds and Lynnwood, no one can appreciate them more than I do. These calendars have become part of my permanent collection of records. Looking Back is my field and these calendars sure do that. I will be picking one up today. Thank you!


  2. My last name is Edmonds and I would love to have a few for family stocking gifts. Are they available for purchase?


        1. Ahhh. I will ask Historic Preservation Commission if there’s a way to get those to you. How many would you like?


        2. 5 please. I will be glad to make a donation, please just advise the best way to make it. Thanks so much, Brad


  3. Calendars have been produced for several year with City funds contributing to their production. In the past, the number printed allowed was less than the number of Edmonds Households. Attempting to sell in the past did not produce much revenue nor did it sell out the stock. Any donation should at least cover the cost of production and delivery and should not be subsidized by Edmonds taxpayers.


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