City: Top Pot Doughnuts, Spud Fish and Chips coming to Salish Crossing

Artist's rendering of the Salish Crossing redevelopment.
Artist’s rendering of the Salish Crossing redevelopment.

Edmonds residents in the near future will be able to enjoy two new eateries, as Seattle-based Top Pot Doughnuts and Spud Fish and Chips are scheduled to come to the new Salish Crossing development at the corner of Dayton Street and Highway 104.

Patrick Doherty, the City of Edmonds Economic Development and Community Services Director, shared that news with the Edmonds Citizens Economic Development Commission during its meeting Wednesday, Dec. 17. Top Pot will be located at northeast corner of the Salish Crossing site, and they plan to have a mobile app so that those waiting in line for the Edmonds-Kingston ferry can order doughnuts and pick them up, Doherty said. The 20,000-square-foot Salish Crossing redevelopment of a former Safeway space is expected to be completed in spring of 2015. It will include a 10,000-square- foot multi-tenant retail market in the southern half and a 10,000-square-foot regional fine art museum in the northern half.

13 Replies to “City: Top Pot Doughnuts, Spud Fish and Chips coming to Salish Crossing”

  1. Wow – two new eateries coming. That is great! Not that I’ll eat at either one, but I think the city will really enjoy having them both here.


  2. We are lucky people in Edmonds… So looking forward to Spuds coming to our beautiful town and such a grand location!!!!


  3. I’m so excited for both coming to our neighborhood. I will never have to go anywhere else. Between the Ginery,Pizza and now Spuds and Donuts. Woot.!


  4. This whole project is a huge makeover for the city. At last, our neighbors to the west and all people coming/going thru will have very accessible and compelling options for spending their cash in Edmonds.


  5. 361 sounds reasonable to me. Between Ivar’s on Edmonds Way and Rory’s on Main Street, Spuds will have some competition, but their visibility and reputation will get lots of people in there to have fish and chips (and yes I will be one of them). I try to avoid donuts, but I am a flawed creature and Top Pot’s proximity will test just how flawed, so I have mixed feelings on that one.

    Great news for Edmonds all around. I’m looking forward to having some great new locations in that shopping center.


    1. Charlene, in answer to your question regarding the antique retailers we were all displaced. Edmonds, at one time, had a thriving antique community. Sadly, there is only one antique store ( that I know of) still left in the bowl. There are several outside the downtown core.But it is sad that once what was a draw to Edmonds now no longer exists. Also, Waterfront was one of the few antique malls that was Handicap friendly-it was one level no stairs.Some of the vendors from Waterfront Antique Mall have increased their presence at other malls up in Snohomish-other participate in antique shows. Groovy Girlfriends -A Very Vintage Market is once a month and many of the Waterfront dealers participate in that show. ( It is today at the Lake City Community Center from 9:00-4:00) Myself, as a former dealer, I am still looking for another “Antique Mall” that is level. I am disabled and my profit from my booth augmented the amount of disability that I receive from Social Security. So, while you are celebrating the “new commerce” remember that there are 200 dealers-small business people whose sales also added to the tax revenue of Edmonds that are now
      out of business.


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