Artfully Edmonds brief: Judith Works to read from new novel Jan. 17

 Judith Works
Judith Works

Saturday, Jan. 17
Judith Works
Author Reading

Bibliophiles who stroll into Edmonds Bookshop (111 5th Ave. S.) at noon on Saturday, Jan. 17 will be greeted by a good friend – Judith Works.

Judith has been invited by bookshop owner Mary Kay Sneeringer to do a reading of her newly released novel, “City of Illusions”. Edmonds residents who appreciate the library, attend the city’s Write On The Sound conference, or have ever sat in on an EPIC Writers session most certainly have met Judith.

She quotes Robert Frost, can’t get enough of Italy, is often found at Edmonds Center for the Arts performances, and is a member of the Goodreads Group, “Shut Up and Read.”

Judith offers this synopsis of “City of Illusion”: Laura longs for warmth and excitement in her marriage and her life. Her impulsive response to a job posting in Italy leads her to cook Jake’s favorite Italian dinner to persuade him to take the leap from the comfortable confines of Seattle to unknown Rome. But the move turns out to be anything but a holiday. Behind the fountains, trattorias, and facades of ancient buildings lurk scheming art dealers and a Machiavellian co-worker who impact Laura’s marriage in ways she never imagined. Will Laura find love among the ruins? Or will her dreams turn out to be illusions? (Artfully Edmonds knows the answers to these delicious questions, because I read the book weeks and weeks ago. ☆☆☆☆☆ )

So on Saturday, Jan. 17, stroll into Edmonds’ favorite bookshop, settle in, get cozy and listen as Judith Works takes us to Trevi Fountain and all places Italian!

Judith was profiled by Artfully Edmonds last month.

You’ll undoubtedly want more of Judith after her reading. Find her at

— By Emily Hill

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