From the Publisher’s Desk: What’s in store for 2015

Teresa Wippel bestSeveral months ago, I pledged to start writing a regular column — and I failed miserably at keeping that promise. I’m making another attempt, and this time, I hope to stick to it. The problem is, I’m lousy at self-promotion. I’d rather be writing about someone else’s news than my own, but the truth is, I have news to share and all of you who read My Edmonds News deserve to hear it.

Last summer, I launched a new video-focused website, My Edmonds News TV. The idea was to present more of our news in video format. Seattle-area television stations rarely venture into South Snohomish County unless there’s a murder or other calamity, and I felt that our town deserved video coverage of events that are important to us — even if they aren’t important to Seattle. We started by live streaming the Edmonds Fourth of July parade and got rave reviews. The best report I heard was from the local retirement homes, who told us that residents unable to physically be at the parade were were thrilled to be able to watch our coverage.

This year our video work will be even more important as voters will be considering whom they want to elect (or re-elect) in several key local races. We plan extensive coverage of those elections, so that people can actually see and hear the candidates through candidate forums, panel discussions and one-on-one interviews.

The next iteration of our video efforts is The Daily Grind. The mission is to present a video summary of Edmonds news each weekday morning, in five minutes or less. What’s our vision for The Daily Grind? The local weather forecast; news headlines including crime and accident reports; local sports and entertainment, a photo of the day and a pet of the week. All happening right here in our town.

Take a peek at the Daily Grind pilot, and let me know what you think!

Of course, to get this project off ground (excuse the pun), we need a critical mass of sponsors — and that’s where you come in. If you or someone you know is looking for an effective way to market your business or organization, this is the tool for you. Your message will reach more than 1,500 readers of our daily subscription-based email newsletter, who will receive the video link in their inbox Monday-Friday, plus thousands more who visit My Edmonds News each day. Contact me if you want to learn more.

And, as they say in television marketing — there’s more! In the near future, we will also be launching a site redesign for My Edmonds News that will benefit both our readers and advertisers. An increasing number of you are accessing the site via mobile devices, and our current design is not as mobile-friendly as it should be. The new design will make the site easier to navigate on your phone or other mobile device, and will also do a better job of showcasing our advertisers.

Speaking of advertising, I encourage you to support those businesses and organizations that appear on our website. Thanks to them, we can bring you news, feature stories, photos and videos — as well as a platform for commentary. I am grateful to each of them for their ongoing patronage.

I am also grateful to those readers who have chosen to make a one-time or regular donation to support our work. Unlike newspapers, we don’t have paid subscriptions and we don’t have a “paywall” that requires payment to access our content. But we do still have ongoing expenses — for writers, photographers, designers, web hosting, marketing and more. I don’t take your support for granted and I appreciate it more than I can say.

Here’s to the next column — I promise an update soon!

Teresa Wippel, Publisher


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  1. Very nicely done, Teresa. I like your column and the Daily Grind. You are doing good work in keeping people informed on happenings in their own neighborhood.


  2. I begin everyday with a cup of coffee and My Edmonds News. You provide a wonderful and necessary service to our fair city. Keep up the Good Work! btw, if anyone should know………what work is going on at the ferry dock with the red and while barge and crane?


    1. Denise – sorry for the delay in replying. The city tells me that Washington State Ferries has been implementing a repair project at the terminal. Work consists of resetting three fender piles, and replacing one dolphin marine fenders, one dolphin marine fender and one fender panel.


  3. Teresa, what you do is incredibly valuable for the community and critical to keeping locals informed. You are the only news organization covering City Hall (among other things). I don’t know if your readers know what an incredibly time consuming task that is.

    Months ago I pledged a modest $10 a month to as a “voluntary subscription” and I consider it a paltry sum considering all you do for for the community. I hope others will step forward and do the same, or even just $5 once a year. It all ads up and I know how important this would be to you to help you afford to put in all the hours you do and to pay your writers when you run out of time. There are only 24 hours a day, Teresa, and you really do need to sleep once in awhile and maybe have a little free time to enjoy yourself.

    If no business steps up to sponsor your new daily show, I will start knocking on doors myself. You are a local treasure and there must be some business out there who sees the wisdom in being associated with you in this ambitious undertaking. As I have told you, count me in as a volunteer on the show. I want to see it happen and thrive.

    I just hope the people of Edmonds appreciate you enough to support you with a voluntary subscription or by advertising if they have a local business. You are so shy about self-promotion (as you admit) that you did not even include a link to where your readers can enter such a contribution. So I will do it here: .

    I am looking forward to your columns!


  4. Teresa,
    I don’t know if you’re aware but we discovered My Edmonds News and it’s GLOBAL Reach while traveling. We’re local news addicts, and needed some way of tapping into what was going on in our hometown!
    Your commitment to moving forward in spite of the ‘Christmas Tree Mishap’ further convinced us of how committed you are to bringing instantly update-able news to Edmonds . . . on a vibrant platform that attracts so many community perspectives.
    Best, Best Wishes on this new venture . . . You Are A Star!! ~*~ Emily


  5. Nicely done. I have no need for advertising but I’ve sent this article to some people I know who do advertise.


  6. Teresa, you are such a intelligent and humble person and I don’t think the citizens of Edmonds realize how much time you devote to getting us the news and good stories. We should all Thank YOU for your commitment to keeping us informed and being such a wonderful balanced professional as a media representative. You are a rock star in the world of on-line media publishing!


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