Rep. Strom Peterson’s bill to protect honeybees buzzes over to Senate

Strom Peterson
Strom Peterson

After passing the Washington State House of Representatives 67-31 on a bipartisan vote, Rep. Strom Peterson’s bill to protect honeybee colonies and preserve pollen-rich food source is scheduled for a hearing Wednesday in the Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee.

House Bill 1654 would direct the state noxious weed control board to conduct a pilot project to replace invasive weed species with native, high-pollen producing plants.

“Noxious and invasive weeds are a problem we need to eradicate, but removing these high-pollen producing weeds has an unintentional side effect on honeybee populations,” Peterson said. “By replacing high-pollen noxious weeds with high-pollen local plants, we can clean up our environment while not causing damage to the bee population.”

Wednesday’s hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. You can track the bill’s progress here.

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  1. Great works, Strom. The recycling of paint has long been a wonderful program in Portland, so kudos on that bill too!


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