Reminder: Meeting April 16 on 220th Street Southwest overlay and bike lane project


The City of Edmonds will be presenting a preliminary design concept for the 220th Street Overlay Project at 6 p.m. April 16 at Edmonds Church of God, 8224 – 220th St. S.W.

The project involves a full-width roadway grind and 2-inch overlay with new pavement on 220th Street between 84th Avenue and 76th Avenue. The project also proposes to add bike lanes on 220th Street to connect to the existing bike lane network east of 84th Avenue. Adding bike lanes will modify the existing lane configuration and on-street parking within the project limits. Pedestrian curb ramps will be upgraded to comply with the current American with Disabilities Act. A second, unrelated pavement project will extend the overlay eastward from 76th Avenue to the Interurban Trail.

Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2015. Intermittent traffic delays can be expected, but residential, pedestrian and business access will be open throughout the project.

The city secured a $780,000 federal transportation grant to help fund the project. Last overlaid in mid 1990s, the roadway has several failed sections with longitudinal cracks and rutting. Utility patches from past projects have also contributed to the current overall condition.

For questions or comments, contact Ed Sibrel, Capital Projects Manager, at 425-771-0220 or email [email protected].

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