Edmonds Healthy Eating: Combine strawberries and baby greens for healthy snack

Combine strawberries and baby greens in a refreshing salad.
Combine strawberries and baby greens in a refreshing salad.

Have you been to the Edmonds Farmers Market yet? No…really….you meant to go, but you were caught up in Saturday errands? Well, put it on your calendar for next week. We are at the beginning of the season of LOCAL produce, which means we don’t have to pay the high prices for drought-stricken California produce. My favorite right now? Strawberries and greens.! It’s magical.

I am lucky enough to have a bounty of baby greens and strawberries coming from my own garden. What a healthy snack. Here is a refreshing salad where you can combine the two. I love “lazy” salad (leftovers) so I always make more than I think I am going to eat so I can have another serving the next day.

Baby Greens and Strawberry Salad

-Take thinly sliced red onion and soak in some apple cider vinegar to do a quick pickle. Set aside to add later. (This first step is optional if you do not like onions.) Pickling is important because it takes away the bitterness and compliments the sweetness of the berries.

– Slice up some strawberries and set aside.

– Put together a mix of baby greens of your choice. The quantity is up to you.

– Toss in some toasted pecans.

– Add a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese or pieces of a soft goat cheese.

– Make your favorite balsamic binaigrette (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, herbs)

– Add the pickled red onion and sliced strawberries and toss thoroughly with the vinaigrette.

Early summer in a bowl! That’s healthy eating.

Deborah Binder Formal Portrait— By Deborah Binder

Deborah Binder lives in Edmonds with her family. She is “dancing with N.E.D.” (no evidence of disease) after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. She is a foodie who loves to cook from scratch and share here experiments with her family. She attended culinary school on the East Coast and currently chef assists at PCC Cooks and NuCulinary Cooking School. Her current interest in food is learning to eat for health and wellness, while at the same time enjoying the pleasures of the table. As Julia Child once said, “Everything in moderation including butter.” Deborah can be contacted at [email protected].

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