Edmonds Heights K-12 nominated in seven categories for 5th Avenue musical theatre awards



Edmonds Heights K-12 once again scored high points with evaluators reviewing “High School Musical Theatre 5th Avenue Awards” entrants for 2015. This is becoming quite a tradition for Edmonds Heights, which this year swept nominations for seven categories.

5th Avenue Awards honor outstanding achievement in high school musical theater and celebrates the hard work and dedication that students and educators put forth to make their school productions a success.

According to 5th Avenue Theatre, “This program was created to shine the spotlight on musical theater similarly to the way sports are regularly celebrated in schools.

Evaluators of this 5th Avenue Theatre program travel to schools across Washington—from large schools in urban districts, to those in small rural communities. Their mission is to always recognize the work, talent and commitment that students, parents, and faculty devote to their school’s yearly musical productions, and to celebrate the value of high school theater programs.”

This academic year the evaluators sat in on 104 productions; up from the “charter year” number of 24. Evaluators visited 89 schools and reached over 10,000 students throughout Washington state.

Awards Ceremony Televised

Nominees will advance to the winner’s circle on Monday, June 8. And the ceremony will be televised from the awards website.

Director of Edmonds Heights Musical Theatre, Shileah Corey, notes: “We have a large group attending the festivities for the awards, and many more people will be rooting from home. We love to go to support all of the other schools, and there is no other night like it. Having 2,000 theatre nerds in one building cheering for one another and sharing what we love – it’s such an amazing night.”

If you would like to join in the caravan or the festivities, contact Corey at [email protected]

Corey offers these exclusive observations regarding each of the Edmonds Heights K-12 nominees:

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Outstanding Music Direction – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Big Fish

The musical direction for Big Fish was done by two amazing students: Siblings Mariah Lotz (senior) and Eli Lotz (freshman). Mariah was nominated last year as well for Musical Direction.

Outstanding Choreography – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Big Fish

Honorable Mention – Choreography was done by Gabe Corey and Tyler Good, both alumni of the program. Alia Thomaier, a current 11th grade student, assisted. All of our choreography is either done by alumni, current students, or by Shileah Corey.

Outstanding Stage Crew – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Side Show

In addition to our technical stage crew, this nomination reflects our student make-up crew (for the very quick make-up changes that happen all through-out the show) and our Head Dresser, student Mady Griffin (grade 12), who was responsible for the 14 quick changes that the characters of Daisy and Violet Hilton had during the course of the show.

Outstanding Performance by an Actress

In a Leading Role – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Side Show

Nominations to Mariah Lotz and Alia Thomaier as Daisy and Violet Hilton: Mariah and Alia played conjoined twins, and they are very honored to have been nominated together. They are also best friends, which makes it even more special for them. They will be singing in the Leading Actress medley during the awards ceremony, and are very excited for that.

Outstanding Performance by an Actor

In a Leading Role – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Big Fish: Eli Lotz as Will Bloom,

This honorable mention for Eli was very exciting, because he is just a freshman this year. He was also instrumental in helping prepare the ensemble for the show as co-musical director.

Outstanding Performance by an Actress

In a Featured Ensemble Role – Edmonds Heights K-12 for Side Show: Erin Hyatt as Fortune Teller. Erin is a 10th grade student and is new to Edmonds Heights this year.

Special Honors: Student Achievement – Edmonds Heights K-12 goes to Mady Griffin

Mady was selected for this honor because of her years of hard work in the technical theatre areas. She has also performed for years in Edmonds Heights Musical Theatre.

— By Emily Hill

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