My Edmonds Restaurant News: Carnarino goes beyond gelato; Boiling Point brings heat to Hwy 99

Now at Canarino Gelato: Molten Chocolate Cakes
Now at Canarino Gelato: Molten Chocolate Cakes from Ballard.

My Edmonds kind of desserts.

Canarino Gelato Caffé opened as promised on May 8 at its new location, 201 5th Ave. S., #105. Chandeliers’ sparkle and the elegant décor remind me of the “gelaterie” I visited in Florence, Italy. My taste buds experienced more Italian déjà vu as I sampled various Canarino’s gelato and sorbetto flavors. Owner Ali Ataman uses the same recipes as the Fainting Goat, his uncle’s well- established shop in Wallingford. Canarino produces hand crafted creamy gelato fresh every day. Fun flavors are added. Mango Habanero is tangy sweet and then the heat of the pepper hits your tongue, WOW! Strawberry Red Bull was tart and delicious too. My third taste was so refreshing I ordered a crunchy cone piled with the Pink Guava. This is addictive.

The shop now opens at 6 a.m. daily, with coffee, espresso drinks and Turkish coffee, brewed from local roasting company beans at Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting Company. Rishi Organic teas, plus bakery items delivered daily by Essential Bakery, round out the early morning fare, before it is time for gelato, but I think gelato is fine for breakfast, just sayin’.

The newest and most decadent item is Molten Chocolate Cakes from Ballard’s famous Hot Cakes. And, a shake machine is on the way.

What delights await the lucky residents of Edmonds.

11217549_444102142433612_1422849797407925255_n-300x225Boiling Point, the Taiwanese Restaurant on the corner of 220th and Hwy 99, is finally open and well worth the wait. I read the flow chart of instructions posted on the front door, which guarantee a successful dining experience, then ventured inside. The place was packed at 2:30 p.m. on a weekday. Atmosphere is fast-paced and festive, but do expect a bit of a wait.

A bit of trivia; the Boiling Point Company has patented the unique units used to cook their Hot Pot dishes. Menu choice ingredients are delivered to your table, in an individual pot and brought to a “boiling point” on the individual, Sterno-fueled cooker. Fires for the hotpot unit are a bit stinky and made the soup boil so much, I asked our waiter to snuff out the fire on mine. All the ingredients were well cooked and the steamy broth was delicious. The rice bowl was a great place to park spoonfuls of hot mixture on the mound of rice to cool at bit before I swallowed. (Yes, I am a weenie!)

A friend told me I “must try” the fermented tofu. I love fermented foods like Kimchi and sauerkraut, so I went for it. I popped a whole slice in my mouth. “Sweaty gym socks” – not a normal part of my food vocabulary. This dish must be an “acquired taste,” certainly not for the uninitiated.

Desserts! Boiling Point has icy treats called Snow Cubes. Served in truffle trays and at $0.75 each they are the perfect finish to the hot spicy meal. Strawberry, Matcha and Chocolate were great, and I loved the sesame cube – its flavor reminiscent of Halvah. Macron Ice Cream is a different type of treat. Creamy ice cream is sandwiched between crisp halves of Macaroon cookies, a bit of a splurge at $4.50.

Prices range from $11.99-14.99 for lunch, and you get a choice of red or green tea with your hot pot and rice bowl. Dinner is slightly higher, but portions are larger.

In a rush? There is a “To-Go” menu online.

On the other edge of Edmonds, very close by…

20150304101111Ming’s Dumpling House, 20109 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline
My weakness- all under one roof, freshly made noodles and green onion pancakes.

My husband and I are hooked on big, fat, toothsome noodles. Ming’s are formed into darling plump dumplings. We over indulge a bit- cover them with- instead of dip into- the garlicy sauce. Our version of comfort food.

I was delighted to find their crispy onion and leek pancakes cooked to perfect texture and very little oil on the plate underneath. No need to travel further away to satisfy my craving, another bonus! This could easily become my favorite Chinese and dumpling spot.

Opened recently in the space that previously housed Rumble Fish Sushi Café, it has received rave reviews, equal to their other restaurant in Greenwood, Fu Man.

Lists of favorite dishes by other happy diners include the boiled dumplings, string beans w/ minced pork, pineapple fried rice, hot & sour noodle soup.

Ordering is easy online. Prices are a bargain- most dishes below $10.

Ming’s offers a dish of strawberry ice cream as a complimentary finish to the meal. Sweet! That is my kind of dessert.

June brings many reasons for food-centric festivities. Weddings, graduations, Father’s Day, and any excuse to celebrate our glorious weather. Are you ready? Check out My Edmonds News’ listing of restaurants that offer catering and banquet space.

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