Public invited to literary awards party on Thursday


Writing contest EPIC 2015 The public is invited to celebrate winners of EPIC Group Writers’ annual literary contest at a party on Thurs., 7 p.m., in the Edmonds Library. This is the third year for the event hosted by the library and local nonprofit literary organization EPIC Group Writers.

Adult winning pieces for 2015 are ‘The Frenchman,’ by Mindy Halleck (1st), ‘The Journey Begins Anew,’ by Doug Purcell (2nd), and ‘Sky Harbor,’ by Joanne Peterson (3rd).

Youth winning pieces for 2015 are ‘Outlast the Ages,’ by Lauren McDonald (1st), ‘Love at First Sight,’ by Kenny Nguyen (2nd), and ‘Growing Up,’ by Natalie Pratt (3rd).

The committee and helpers for this year’s contest included EPIC board members Judith Works, chair, Susan Ferguson, Vivian Murray, Christine Pinto, Joe Rice, and Gerald Bigelow. For information on EPIC’s free writing groups and workshops, see the website.

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