Reminder: Students encouraged to register for June 3 heart screening event



The Nick of Time Foundation, partnering with the Heart of Edmonds School District will host a Heart Screening event on June 3 at Mountlake Terrace High School.

The event is open to any youth, athlete or not, between the ages of 14-24, regardless of where enrolled in school. Screenings will be from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. with a $25 donation requested. Students will receive heart screenings by medical professionals who are volunteering time to help provide students with this service.

One high school aged athlete suffers a Sudden Cardiac Arrest every three days in the U.S. The leading cause of death in young athletes on the playing field is an undetected heart condition.The best way to detect these heart conditions is through a heart screening using a ECG (Electrocardiogram), and in some cases an Echocardiogram (ultrasound) of the heart.

Screenings consists of a Heart Health Survey asking about possible signs and symptoms or family history of a heart condition. An ECG is performed that analyzes the electrical signals of the heart. In some cases a limited physical exam or Echocardiogram of the heart is conducted. The results are reviewed on site by cardiologists and sports physicians experienced in heart screens.

Any students or families who want to attend the screening need to make an appointment to be on the list for the day of the screening. Families can make an appointment by emailing the Mountlake Terrace High School Activities Office at: [email protected] or by phone 425-431-5694.

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