Artfully Edmonds: Find your fate on Main Street, plus theatre openings

Dena Stevens

Did you ever think that you might be able to find your fate and fortune on Edmonds’ Main Street? Well, you can!

Thanks to spiritual advisor Dena Stevens, who relocated her Psychic Awakenings salon to 309 Main St. this past month, devotees of spiritualism now have a source to “what lies beyond” right in downtown Edmonds. An interpreter of Universal forces, Dena has been forecasting the future, and picking at the past, since opening her original Edmonds location last October in the space above Housewares.

Dena defies all the stereotypes one might conjure when thinking of a spiritual advisor. First, she does not use a crystal ball. She follows Christianity and has a strong belief in God as the center of the Universe, but has studied other theologies and spiritual beliefs including Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Her carte includes palmistry ($35), tarot card readings ($45) and zodiac chart readings ($55). Dena’s preferred method of divining one’s destiny is by using ancient Egyptian tarot cards. And the tarot cards that Dena uses are gorgeous. She also specializes in crystal meditation and spiritual counseling.

Dena Egyptian Layout jPeg
Dena Stevens lays out a full deck of ancient Egyptian tarot cards.

An enthusiastic follower of spiritualism, I was quite excited to realize that what had been an “art gallery of kitsch” next door to Toshi’s Teriyaki was going to become an elegant salon featuring a Louis XIIII theme, replete with sparkling chandeliers and a bright shade of Habsburg yellow. I imagined that “The Art of Fate and Fortune” might appeal to some of my readers. So I asked and was granted an interview.

Please join Artfully Edmonds (AE) as we interview Dena Stevens, Edmonds’ newest downtown psychic.

– – –

AE: Dena, I am so pleased to be able to spend time with you while we do my Tarot card reading. Thank you for granting this interview so that those readers who may be too shy to seek out someone with psychic abilities can have an opportunity to learn more about you, and how you approach your gifts of seeing – and interpreting – the symbols that come into our lives.

AE: Tell us just a little bit about how you ended up having a salon in Edmonds.

DS: I am most recently from Orange County. I moved to Edmonds this past October after coming and going between Southern California and Edmonds for the past two or three years.

My husband discovered Edmonds several years ago after a Pacific Northwest fishing trip. He fell in love with the natural beauty of the region and we began planning our move from California. He also was a great help in my relocation to 309 Main St.; which unlike my former salon, is on the sidewalk level of Main Street.

– – –

AE: Actually, it was last October, around Halloween, that I first noticed that you had opened a business as a psychic and began seeing your sandwich board at the street level. Why move to a fresh location after less than a year?

DS: Well, I realized that a number of my clients were not able to navigate the narrow stairs to my original space above Housewares.

– – –

AE: How long have you been professionally forecasting the future of others’?

DS: Since January 2000 – so for 15 years now. My business has always been about helping people realize their potential.

– – –

AE: But you realized that you had a gift for seeing the future earlier than 15 years ago, I understand?

DS: Yes, actually. My mother is an interior designer. Our family was living in New York – I was the youngest, and 5 years old at the time. I began having very vivid dreams. (At this point Dena describes that, even at such a young age, she knew that the dreams she was having had meaning beyond a child’s experience and comprehension. And that she was able to give them accurate interpretations on an adult level.)

It was my mother who reassured me with, “Don’t be afraid,” and encouraged me to recognize and strengthen my ties with my spiritual teachers.

AE: Dena, your page describes you as a “fifth-generation psychic”. Tell us about that.

DS: My great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mother, and sisters also have psychic abilities; but I am the only one who advises professionally. At first I wasn’t always interested in using my psychic abilities professionally – I wanted to go into modeling – as did my sister. We lived in New York, and it all seemed quite exciting to my sister and me.

My mother discouraged me from my original avocation, feeling that the lifestyle might not be appropriate. For a short time in high school I did modeling for Elite magazine, and worked as a Cindy Crawford stand-in. (AE note: I see that!]

– – –

AE: What benefits do your clients receive from your readings?

DS: Well, first of all, I appreciate that it’s not always easy to make that first step toward connecting with a spiritual advisor. I try to reassure clients that I don’t judge what I see in their lives. My goal is to help them in their communications with others, and to live positive, balanced lives.

– – –

At this point, I had built up enough curiosity to reach for the tarot cards as my medium and Dena waited while I shuffled the intricately designed cards symbolizing every possibility of the human experience.

Without going into the finest details, dear readers, I can tell you that I have one deep secret in my past that no one but me knows. It was a chilling “reveal” when Dena pecked her fingernail at one particular card at the mid-point of my reading and reminded me of an incident that had been buried for over 30 years.

Getting beyond that moment took some doing, but Dena is exceptionally positive, and her observations — and the reading — turned to other matters. She spoke of the fortunes of adult children in our family and things of that nature, and soon I was back at ease.

After 45 minutes, it was time for me to gather my camera, give a final glance at her stunning salon, and let her move on to her next appointment.

– – –

AE: Dena, thank you so much for your time – and the tarot card reading. I’m a fan! I’ll see you at my next reading, as you suggest, in four months!

– – –

If you would like to contact Dena you can email her at [email protected]; but my own experience suggests that it is best to simply call her number, 425-435-1071.

~ ~ ~

Edmonds’ playhouses are setting the stage lights, and making their last wardrobe checks.

We have two very exciting opening nights to look forward to – so let’s check in with our community’s thespians and see what’s planned:

Epic Proportions jPeg

Thursday, June 5
8 p.m.
Epic Proportions
By David Crane & Larry Coen
Directed by Eric Lewis
The Phoenix Theatre
9673 Firdale Ave.

We warned you last week! It’s going to be farcically funny if it’s being produced by The Phoenix, an intimate setting for an “Epic” production.

Tickets here or The Phoenix Theatre invites you to call 206-533-2000.

~ ~ ~


Friday, June 12
8 p.m.
Boeing Boeing
By Marc Camoletti
Directed by Ted Jaquith
Driftwood Players
Wade James Theatre
950 Main St.

“It’s Paris, it’s the jet age, he’s young and in love – three times over!”

Winner of the 2008 Tony Award, Best Revival of a Play, “Boeing Boeing” is a 1960s farce that features self-styled bachelor Bernard, who has Italian, German, and American fiancées, each beautiful airline hostesses with frequent “layovers”. He keeps “one up, one down and one pending” until unexpected schedule changes bring all three to Paris and Bernard’s apartment at the same time.

This production features the talent of Jordan Fermstad, Jennifer Makenas, Sara Schweid, Veronica Tuttell, Greg LoProto and Cindy Giese-French.

“Boeing Boeing” is the final Mainstage production of this season for Edmonds Driftwood Players (don’t miss the 6th Annual Festival of Shorts in July!). This cast masterfully captures the physical nuance of the classic farce as they each immerse themselves in characters that are funny, sharp, sexy, silly and completely enjoyable. A fantastic way to start anyone’s summer vacation!

Tickets! Opening Night! Wine Reception! Artfully Edmonds fully expects a full house!

~ ~ ~

Two Mentions Happening Nearby!
Saturday, June 6
7 p.m.
Latin Dance
Black Box Theatre

Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Ave. W.

Music professor John Sanders and local Latin and jazz musicians will heat things up at the Black Box Theatre this week.

This event is free, and a fun excuse to learn how to salsa dance.

~ ~ ~

pppo 021

Lynnwood Library
19200 44th Ave. W.

The Lynnwood Arts Commission is featuring the work of miniature painter Michael Cramer in the glass display case in the lobby of the Lynnwood Library through July 9th.

His work showing historical & military miniature busts & figures have won several notable awards including the Seattle IPMS Show best figure award for three years running.

In 2014, at the World Expo Figure Show in Stressa, Italy, Michael achieved a Bronze Medal in the Master Painter Category in a field of over 12,000 entries.

Although he sometimes creates the piece from scratch, he enjoys the painting in intricate detail the most. He has taken weeks and sometimes months to complete a single figure.

The Lynnwood Arts Commission invites you to make the drive to view this noteworthy art.

Emily ~ 2015 Bio jPeg for News— By Emily Hill

Emily Hill is the author of two novels and a short story collection. She also writes the “Lynnwood Lifestyle” column for Lynnwood Today. Emily is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at [email protected].

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    1. Dear Gail and Karen,
      First of all: Thank you for following my column; I’m so flattered to hear from each of You.

      Yes, Dena Stevens has an amazing story; she’s as calm as still-water; introspective, and elegant.

      I – for one, and for sure – will recommend girlfriends to Dena — Plus! — Psychic Awakenings is THE most uniquely Olde Europe styled business in Downtown.


  1. Dear Emily,
    Your phrase “art gallery of kitsch” about the previous use of the building might be a starting point to find out about whose
    things those were in the window and what they meant. There is a long time Edmonds resident and well known artist behind what was there for many years.

    Thanks for your always interesting column. I learn a lot about what is going on in our Edmonds art world from you.

    Darlene Newquist


  2. Darlene,
    Your comment is so well taken — and appreciated!

    Of course, you’re absolutely correct.

    I would love to do a background feature on our well-known artist, but didn’t want to pull away (in this column) from all the wondrous, intriguing elements of Dena’s new business.

    Would you like to contact me? It would be fun! ;D

    [email protected]


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