David Morrison book signing Thursday at Edmonds Bookshop


GOIW front coverEdmonds author/playwright/director David Morrison will make a special appearance at Edmonds Bookshop this Thursday, June 18, 5-8 p.m. to read from and sign his third book, “Guild of Immortal Women.” The popular fantasy is a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews annual IndieFab awards. It has been getting five-star reviews throughout the nation since its publication late last year.

Want a little preview of the plot?

Two bodies are discovered on the grounds of ‘The Bastille,” home to a coven of witches who belong to the Guild of Immortal Women. The bodies have strange characteristics, so what follows is a combination merry and sinister romp through ancient history. Medieval times are brought to life through a massive Tapestry adorning the mansion’s walls where the characters – animals and humans – emerge through tears in the fabric.

It is up to Detective Matt Mathers and social worker Lynn Swanson to solve the murder-mystery while dealing with the strange world of magic, Guardian Abbey’s amnesia from her past lives, and the devilish mission of Robert and the Doctor to create an immortal heir through the laboratory.

Authors Morrison and Melvin have created a fast-moving but suspenseful saga with humor, interesting characters and nonstop action. They have deftly interwoven real-life events – the burning at the stake of Joan of Arc and Amelia Earhart’s last flight – with a modern-day fantasy that is a fun, fast, (and sometimes a bit raunchy), read.

— Submitted by Barbara Kindness

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