Edmonds Lutheran Church welcomes LBGT community


Edmonds Lutheran Church announced that it has been officially recognized as a Reconciled in Christ Congregation that celebrates and welcomes participation and membership from the LGBT community. The congregation will receive a certificate recognizing the church’s new status  Sunday, June 7 at 9:30 a.m.

Representatives from Lutheran organizations Reconciling Works and Open Door Ministries will join the Sunday ceremony. Reconciling Works has a clear four-step process to be recognized as a Reconciled in Christ Congregation. Pastor Tim Oleson of Edmonds Lutheran Church said.

“The RIC status is a marker that your community has done honest reflection, study, and dialogue around what it means to be welcoming and affirming,” he added.

Edmonds Lutheran Church welcomes people from all faith communities to join the worship and celebration on Sunday. The church is located at 23525 84th Ave. W.

3 Replies to “Edmonds Lutheran Church welcomes LBGT community”

  1. Congratulations Edmonds Lutheran. You already do wonderful service with Annie’s Kitchen and the veggie gardens, this is one more way to more fully support the Edmonds community.


  2. This is wonderful…….Acceptance of all in our community. Thank you

    Tere Ryder and Gayle Ketzel


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