Here to play, then where do you stay? Take our poll


Edmonds is abuzz with visitors to this weekend’s arts festival. The town can’t help but show off its charming restaurant and nightlife in downtown, and active visitors can find plenty to do on the waterfront. But where do out-of-town folks stay when visiting Edmonds? Let us know your favorite hotel, motel, or bed-n-breakfast spots. And if you think Edmonds could use more overnight space, scroll down and take our poll.

Here are a few of the known places to rest your head around town.

Edmonds Harbor Inn near the waterfront.
Edmonds Harbor Inn near the waterfront.

Edmonds Harbor Inn is a Best Western Plus hotel. It’s not fancy, but you are near the ferry and downtown restaurants. Just be prepared for some train whistling while you sleep. Rack rate ranges $126 to $150/night.


Airbnb posting for an Edmonds stay.
Airbnb posting for an Edmonds stay.

Airbnb is an international traveler’s best friend, if you don’t mind sharing space in someone’s living quarters. In Edmonds, we found a place with a view of the waterfront for $115/night. The average in town on the site is $93/night.

TravelodgeHighway 99 is not known as a tourist destination, unless your definition of tourism includes fast cars and strip malls. For people on the move, there is a Travelodge on a stretch of Highway 99 in Edmonds. The rate for tonight starts at $132.

Now it is your turn to tell us what you want to see in Edmonds. Take our poll here.

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  1. I ran a Bed & Breakfast in downtown Edmonds for 5 years and didn’t make enough to keep going. My prices were very reasonable but the Harbor Inn blows all of us out. Can’t compete no matter how great you are. The Inn at Third & Dayton. If another one ever opens, give them some business folks!


  2. Sounds like the author has never actually used Airbnb. Airbnb is used by many US travelers for domestic travel, and you can choose whether you get the whole house/condo to yourself. We just stayed in Hawaii for less than $90 a night.


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