Introducing Spotlight on Edmonds Real Estate, with Wayne Purser


My Edmonds News introduces “Spotlight on Edmonds Real Estate,” a video show brought to you by Edmonds Realtor Wayne Purser of Coldwell Banker Bain. The inaugural edition of this monthly show includes Wayne’s exclusive real estate weather report for Edmonds, South Snohomish County and Shoreline, plus special guest Thomas Fadden of Fairway Mortgage, who explains what you need to know about interest rates and financing your home purchase.

You can learn more on Wayne’s website here.

4 Replies to “Introducing Spotlight on Edmonds Real Estate, with Wayne Purser”

  1. Great job Wayne Purser. Thank you for letting me join your show!! My email is [email protected] and by the way, we do allow for escrow hold backs on purchases. This may very well come in handy for your buyers in the future.


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