Sound Transit commuter rail canceled Wednesday due to broken rail


All Northline Sound Transit commuter trains are canceled this morning due to a broken rail.  Special buses are being coordinated to transfer riders from all three stations.  Riders are encouraged to use regularly scheduled bus service as well.

The next regular bus service option from Edmonds-Seattle is Community Transit Route 416 at Edmonds Station bay 4, departing at  7:42 a.m.

2 Replies to “Sound Transit commuter rail canceled Wednesday due to broken rail”

  1. This area is on our walk and we heard the CHANGE in sound of metal wheel contacting the rail a while ago. We would leave the area quickly when the train came at that spot.

    ***** Maybe a good idea for regular walkers at the beach to let someone or BNSF know if there is a clear change in the sound of wheel meeting track. We figured something was wrong but thought BNSF would handle it. I am glad no one was hurt and there was no derailment. I don’t know who one would contact for this in the future

    I believe there is a black box for trains to check and I think change in sound is one of those things checked in the black box after an accident. The businesses there had to notice this change in sound also…….regular walkers like us couldn’t have missed it as it was very distinct


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