Ask the Edmonds Cop: Driving and pot smoke


Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley answers your public safety questions. This week: What should I do if I’m driving behind a car and smell marijuana smoke? If you have a question for Hawley, email [email protected]

3 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: Driving and pot smoke”

  1. The question of course is what the police can do about it — from what I understand there is no way to test for the level of intoxication without a blood draw.


  2. Well, it appears that some kind of test will be needed ( latest science and research as of last week) for drivers operating their vehicle while stoned on marijuana have the exact same issues as someone driving while drinking alcohol and intoxicated. No difference and as just as great a danger to others around them on the road. ……..No surprside to those that did try to drive while stoned in the 60s. …..doesnt matter what you are high on while driving……..LE has to get in front of this problem of stoned drivers or we will be looking at the same accident statistics as for drunk drivers.


  3. Officers are taking enforcement on drug impaired drivers just as they do on those impaired by alcohol. EPD officers use their observations, witnesses and field sobriety testing to determine potential impairment. Edmonds PD uses Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) from other police departments in the region to assist with these investigations. For drivers suspected of drug impairment, they are taken to a medical facility where they can consent to a blood draw or, in most cases, officers obtain a search warrant. Charges are then referred to the prosecutor upon receipt of the results from the state toxicology lab. If officers can show that the driver is an immediate threat to public safety, they are booked into jail in accordance with EPD policy.


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